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Abiword 2.9.2


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Abiword 2.9.2  Change Log


  • Add doublebuffering support for most of the drawing to reduce flickering. (Andrei Sfrent)
  • Some robustness fixes for lists. (Martin Sevior)
  • fl_BlockLayout::_doInsertRDFAnchorRun() needs to create fp_RDFAnchorRun or else a text:meta right at the start of a text:p will assert violently. Of course, I have to update the code in that method and that class to be tailored to RDF instead of fp_AnnotationRun which it is based on. Thanks to Martin for the info on the Dummy run assertion I was getting! (Ben Martin)
  • Updated ff localization by Ibraahiima Saar (Urmas)
  • A little bit of restructure in there because we now have hyperlinks, annotations, and rdfanchors which all share the same fp_run class tree. RDF Anchors can now be highlighted and the annotation bubble for them shows their xmlid and how many RDF triples are associated with that part of the document. Still things to do with it, but a decent step in the right direction. Oh yeah, and a new menu item to turn on/off highlighting. (Ben Martin)
  • Robustness fixes. (Martin Sevior)
  • Updated Copyright year (Xun Sun)
  • Fix crash attempting to import one of Marc's secret HTML documents from the command line. (Martin Sevior)
  • Added some Portuguese characters. (13138) (Urmas)
  • Allow backspace, delete and arrows again (Ben Martin)
  • Some RDF D&D goodness. (Ben Martin)
  • Do not show up in the File/Open dialog types, its confusing. (Ben Martin)
  • Added missing printStyleTree method to IE_Exp_HTML for usage in other plugins (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • A few issues with double buffering and abicommand, in that mode there is no GUI so some asserts failed and some code would crash (selectclear). These new app variables shouldn't effect GUI programs but should help abicommand ones where dbl buffer is not needed. (Ben Martin)
  • Unicode list labels fix. (Urmas)
  • Removed use of deprecated GtkDialog::vbox (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Fix 13129 Numbered Heading is turned into Numbered List (Martin Sevior)
  • Don't create a painter when not needed. (Jean Bréfort)
  • RDF marshaled into a \*\rdf section with rdf/xml in it inside RTF on the clipboard. Copy of triples from one document to another now works. (Ben Martin)
  • The pl_ListenerCoupleCloser is designed to pass along start and end tags for objects which have only one tag in the selected range. This way copying a selection will result in a document with both start and end tags in it. See the class docs for more. Still tinkering on this a bit. (Ben Martin)
  • Now tracking bookmark open and close elements too. (Ben Martin)
  • The remains are in odf-2011-track-changes-git-svn/git-diff-2011-oct-3-cleaned.patch. Some code is added here but enclosed in #ifdef ODF_GCT guards to disable it until it is required for the ODF plugin. (Ben Martin)
  • Absolute movement bugfix (Ben Martin)
  • AbiCommand now allows multi process copy and paste, and has a "run" command to execute the gtk mainloop for X seconds. Some little things for win builds (Ben Martin)
  • Bad things used to happen when there was an RDF Link but no triples at all. A simple guard to stop that from happening in SPARQL on empty RDF cases. (Ben Martin)
  • On repeated copy and paste, do not just keep appending a new uuid to the end of the string. Instead, first remove the old uuid and then append the new one. This keeps xml:id values from continuously growing during repeated copy,paste,copy,paste,... cycles. (Ben Martin)
  • const T& use in the header file which makes a warning in msvc. (Ben Martin)
  • Reversed unwanted change in fv_ViewDoubleBuffering.cpp (Jean Bréfort)
  • Removed revision toolbar buttons until proper icons are available. (Urmas)
  • Do not include vertical fonts in the toolbar list. (Urmas)
  • Don't use horizontal scroll bars (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Scroll the list to the selected language. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Mismatch free() with g_strdup(). Seems to crash on Windows. (Urmas)
  • Fixed an invalid write (valgrind). (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fixed a double buffering related crasher and other details (Jean Bréfort)
  • Better fix for the double buffering issue, hopefully. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fix bug 6511: Word count on selected lines is wrong (Simon Larochelle) (Marc Maurer)
  • On linux, when I incorporate a frame image, the line breaks for the surrounding text are sometimes in the middle of a word. The patch makes sure that two static pointers do not inadvertently point to a newly created structure during the execution of fp_Textrun::split(). (Simon Larochelle)


  • Updated ar translation (by OLPC translation team) (Urmas)
  • Updated ar, br, da, gl, sl by SugarLabs translation service contributors. Updated es translation by F.J.F. Serrador.
  • Updated Slovak translation (Jaroslav Rynik)
  • Update spanish translation (Fco. Javier Fdez. Serrador)
  • Update galician "gl" translation (Miguel Bouzada)
  • Updated Fulah complete translation (Ibraahiima SAAR)
  • Update breton translation (Denis ARNAUD)



  • Some new STL like methods for the string. In TextContent_ListenerState the code should perform as it did before but also fold newlines and multiple spaces inside the first call to charData(). See In particular section 6.1.2 of (Ben Martin)
  • Initial support for creating unique xml:id values during copy and paste. ODF (including embedded RDF) on the clipboard now works for copy and paste to and from Calligra trunk. (Ben Martin)
  • PD_Object has to be respected in order to retain m_objectType which is crucial in serializing correctly to RDF/XML. This now allows copy and paste to Calligra and rdf links follow to the destination too. (Ben Martin)
  • New codepath which uses libgcrypt for decoding blowfish encrypted ODF files. New PL_ListenerCoupleCloser class which will emit closing elements that happen after the desired document range. For example, "te(a)xt bm-start this is(b)more bm-end" selected from (a) to (b) the bm-end will be sent to the listener too even though it is after the official range. (Ben Martin)
  • Remove the old blowfish code itself, added a link line for gcrypt which I didn't seem to need in my build but which might be required in some builds. (Ben Martin)
  • These should allow the opendoc plugin to compile without redland. (Ben Martin)


  • Fix crash when parsing bogus list in RTF. Bug #12880 (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 12045: Fix parsing of annotation, frame properties and a few others. (Hubert Figuiere)


  • Bug 12345: explicitly make empty XML tags due to a buggy parser in Maemo. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Lots of image dialog fixes from Simon Larochelle's first contribution. (Simon Larochelle)
  • Merged the gtk3 branch. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fix widget alignments (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Cleanup the widgets alignment. Disable the labels along the other controls (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Honour the markup in the title label. Fix a bit the paddings in the GtkTable (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Enhanced the pseudo-2d colors in the gtk backend. Still not perfect, does not work for high contrast themes, but abiword-2.8 was not better in this respect. (Jean Bréfort)


  • Adding -headerpad_max_install_names on Mac LDFLAGS From ld(1) man page: " -headerpad_max_install_names (32-bit only) Add to the header padding enough space to allow changing all dynamic shared library paths recorded in the output file to be changed to MAXPATHLEN in length. " It will avoid problems to change dynamic shared library install names and rpaths recorded in a Mach-O binary (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Disabling Double Buffering on OS X Unfortunately, OS X still isn't ready to Double Buffering. To avoid strange behavior, at least for now, we're desabling it. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Fixing text selection issue (bug 13116) Calling _generalUpdate() into _drawOrClearBetweenPosition(). According with msevior and andreisfrent, it don't will up performance, because _generalUpdate() doesn't redraw everything, just dirty runs (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • EPUB's dialog, see you soon! For now, EPUB's dialog build is being disabled in OS X. I need/want to implement it as soon as possible. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • DoubleBuffering is working on OS X Thanks, Jean! (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Adding -headerpad_max_install_names on some plugins From ld(1) man page: " -headerpad_max_install_names (32-bit only) Add to the header padding enough space to allow changing all dynamic shared library paths recorded in the output file to be changed to MAXPATHLEN in length. " Plugins: latex, docbook, openxml, epub, openwriter, opml and (still with some problems) opendocument It will avoid problems to change dynamic shared library install names and rpaths recorded in a Mach-O binary (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Welcome plugins! latex, docbook, openxml, epub, openwriter and opml is a great pleasure having then with us! (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Big cleanup/refactor in xap_CocoaModule.cpp to The cleanup/refactor was did as an attempt to improve and simplify code's readability. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Plugins in Mac are .so too instead of .dylib All file compiled with "-module" option will generate a .so and not a .dylib, as in our case. The difference between a .so and a .dylib is that first is a dynamically loadable module and the second is a shared library. So, we only can load the first, while we can link against the second. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Many updates to the RDF core. Two new dialogs for RDF: an editor and a query dialog. A few new dialog superclasses to inject into the inheritance tree to get default 'boilerplate' code instead of having each dialog implement that itself. This is still a WIP. Many little utility functions and methods. (Ben Martin)
  • Link plugins properly against libabiword-x.y.dynlib (Marc Maurer)


MS Write

  • Committed Ingo's patch. The codepage conversion had to be reverted due to issues with some documents. (Urmas)
  • Added importer option to specify default codepage ("-i 'encoding:CP1252'"). (Urmas)
  • Patch from Ingo fixing the MS Write plugin. (Marc Maurer)
  • was written. By passing an importer argument, namely '-i mswrite-codepage:CP1250' (Ingo Brückl)
  • Clean up source code and format to AbiWord coding style. (Ingo Brückl)
  • Fixes writing 4 garbage bytes in output file if invalid character is encountered. CAVEAT: Untested on MBCS locales (do we support them, to begin with?) (Urmas)
  • Add debug messages. These messages dump the internal structure of a Write file and will make troubleshooting easier. (Ingo Brückl)


  • Move the RDF menu from the collab plugin (wrong place) to the core menus structure... (Ben Martin)
  • A tiny improvement in the status reporting of the collab backend (Marc Maurer)
  • Fixed plugins build with both gtk versions (Jean Bréfort)
  • Make the collab xmpp backend work with gtk3 (Jean Bréfort)
  • Dist ap_Win32Res_DlgCollaborationEditAccount.rc2 (Fridrich Strba)

GNOME Office

  • Add missing files and request a stable goffice release. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Add the gtk2 version of goffice-bits (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fixed warnings in goffice-bits (Jean Bréfort)
  • Implement SVG snapshots for components when possible. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fixed GValue initialization. (Jean Bréfort)

Equation Editor

  • Update itex2MML from 1.4.5 to 1.4.8. Changelog can be found at the maintainer's site: (Xun Sun)


  • EPUB plugin now using separate file for each book chapter. Fixed generation of incorrect TOC. (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Added temporary files cleanup (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Changed EPUB plugin and html exporter to handle option of exporter "bAddIdentifiers" like other exporter options (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Removed obsolete code fragment from HTML exporter (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Handle epub dialog build when builddir != srcdir (Xun Sun)
  • Correct epub dialog title and label (Xun Sun)
  • Added new HTML export options to Win32 UI (Urmas)
  • MERGE gsoc2011-refactoring [30061]:[30295] into trunk (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • EPUB dialog for Win32, first edition. (Urmas)



  • Win32 About dialog: adjusted fonts, updated copyright years. (Urmas)
  • Win32 Unicode issue (Urmas)


  • Bump version (Marc Maurer)
  • Let Windows autotools build find EPuB includes (Fridrich Strba)
  • Remove generated file from version control (Fridrich Strba)
  • Make sure several files end up in the release tarball (Fridrich Strba)
  • Include >string< (Marc Maurer)
  • Fix mingw build using autotools (Fridrich Strba)
  • Fix build with recent libpng (Fridrich Strba)
  • Corrected name of the generated la file to avoid compilation problemms of epub plugin on linux (Volodymyr Rudyj)
  • Include config.h conditionally (Marc Maurer, Ben Martin)
  • Warning and constness fixes (Hubert Figuiere, Ben Martin)
  • Various build fixes (Jean Bréfort, Ben Martin, Marc Maurer)
  • Add svn:ignore in several places (Hubert Figuiere)
  • MSVC seems to dislike these op<< for utf8 strings. I only used it in one place, so its quite easy to unuse it. (Ben Martin)
  • Use " " instead of "," to separate LDFLAGS' options. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • Fixing semantic error in plugins/epub/dialogs' sub-folders. (Fabiano Fidêncio)
  • The MSVC parser does not like foo(char */*bar*/); It thinks the first sequence */ is the end of a non-existing multi-line comment (Marc Maurer)
  • Removed debug messages when switching device contexts for double buffering (Andrei Sfrent)
  • Win32 build fixes. (Urmas)
  • Enable multiple debug output concatenated into one line. This change should be compatible to current usage. (Ingo Brückl)

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