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Abiword 2.5.1 Beta


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Abiword 2.5.1 Beta  Change Log

Jean Brefort
- Make the GNOME office plugin compile with goffice-0.3.6+

Hubert Figuiere
- Build fixes (OTS plugin, OSX autotools build, shush warnings).
- Use std::string and std containers in many places instead of homegrown stuff.
- Possibly fix bug 10791
- Fix several warnings in the code
- Don't use const_cast but rather use a const_iterator, and other C++ STL released cleanups

Tomas Frydrych
- Add to the distribution tarball
- Introduce plain gtk embedded build.
- Remove unfinnished merge-documents code
- Fix crasher on inserting footnote.
- Fix 9665.
- Use glib for utf8/ucs4 conversions
- Remove lang from defintion of normal style (bug 10124)
- Streamline YNC message box for embedded targets
- Font substitution in Pango graphics class
- Enable customisation of fonts listed in UI (xp and Unix code)
- Do not merge PangoItems that require different fonts into a single run

Dom Lachowicz
- Remove tmpfile() calls from abiword. add gsf loading/saving methods to the abiwidget. sorry if i marginally break non-unix platforms with XAP_Frame::load(NULL).
- Bug 10751 - use glib's types and memory allocation functions. no more mismatched free g_free malloc/g_malloc
- Fix bug 8382 (and possibly others) by disallowing users from unloading plugins at runtime.
- Export text to PRIMARY in UTF8. add HTML and PNG too, if it's requested. (Unix)

Marc Maurer
- Fix an some asserts and Glib CRITICAL's in the collaboration plugin
- Make the collaboration backends optional, and fix some crashes when no backend is configured at all
- Beginnings of a plain TCP backend for the collaboration plugin (unfinished, does not work yet)
- Fix bug 10792 - AbiWord does not build with automake 1.10

Martin Sevior
- Wrap "insert table" widget.
- Implement 6 new signals for text and image selections.
- Implement a new widget method to return the mouse position.
- New mthods needed for abiwidget to return mouse position and get the current context.
- Fix 10796, Crash when inserting a table sum field.
- Fix dragging of vertical table lines when using abiwidget in OLPC mode.
- Table support for the abiwidget.

Robert Staudinger
- Fix bug 10755 - "make dist doesn't package abiword-plugins\wp\impexp\graphics\win32nativ\Makefile"
- Deprecate bonobo, only build when explicitly requested (Unix)
- Build fixes (prune peer wv).
- Remove broken menu options (editable toolbar).
- Port UT_XML stuff to glib.
- Fix bug 10587 "Document titles aren't escaped in GTK+ message box" (Unix)
- Fix bug 9168 "Styles in random order in Styles dialogs"
- Fix bug 9851 "recent document list in the file menu should be trimmed"
- Fix bug 5192 "Abiword shouldn't save main window's size if maximized"
- Fix bug 8821 "tooltips don't always go away"
- Fix bug 1511 "Selection lists should be sorted in localized order"
- Platform dependent dnd infrastructure (Unix).
- Purge 'app' attribute from strings file, we only have AbiWord.
- Display physically non-existant fonts in the font combo (unix) as requested by Tomas. Works only once the caret has seen the font.
- Fix bug 10801 "PATH_MAX redefined" warnings"
- Fix #10030 "Disable the fixed column size spinner in the table dialog depending on selection"
- Fix bug 10042 "Format TextBox does not allow to change the thickness"

- Fix Bug 10441, import footnotes from XSL-FO documents.
- Fix Bug 10758, XSL-FO importer doesn't append superscript formatting to footnote references or anchors.
- Prevent a number of crashes that could easily be triggered by dragging the contents of Attachment 1546 (from Bug 5825) around.
- Fix Bug 10761, package the OPML importer on Windows.
- Fix Bug 10760, TOC heading text not exported to WML.
- Remove the two deactivate buttons from the win32 plug-in dialog to match the unix version.
- Improve ODT import support for underline and strike formatting.
- Fix Bug 10798, ODT exporter doesn't save normal font weight.
- Fix some warnings in the OPML importer.
- Prevent crashes in g_utf8_get_char_validated().
- Don't pass -DNDEBUG when building with ABI_OPT_DEBUG=2 on MinGW
- Fix some warnings in the OpenDocument, OpenWriter, XSL-FO and WML plug-ins
- Fix some warnings in af/ev/win (Windows)
- Fix the rest of Bug 10640, text-indent not exported to OpenDocument
- Fix a potential mismatched tag bug in the ODT exporter (it was possible to return before closing an open span when exporting MathML).
- Fix Bug 10594, export bookmarks to OpenDocument.
- Fix Bug 10804, win32 rendering crash in Uniscribe's ScriptStringOut().
- Fix Bug 7988, table sum fields use non-standard formatting string.
- Fix Bug 10322, don't allow the insertion of tables into positioned images.
- Don't crash when trying to start AbiWord with a nonexistent stringset (e.g. sl-SL).
- Prevent a context menu crash that would occur if you tried to right-click as AbiWord was closing (easy to reproduce in Valgrind).
- Import the xml:lang attribute from WML img elements.
- Fix Bug 10759, DocBook importer doesn't append superscript formatting to footnote references or anchors.
- Fix Bug 10807, images are exported to (X)HTML without lang and xml:lang attributes.
- Fix Bugs 10810 and 10811, export image titles and descriptions (alt text) to ODT.
- Don't prevent the win32 FOSA dialog from popping up when the document title is something like "Tråkigt".

Tomeu Vizoso
- Fix bug 10800

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