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Abiword 2.4.5


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Abiword 2.4.5  Change Log

Jean Brefort
  • Add a french translation to the .desktop file (Unix)
  • Fix a crash in the Set Languages dialog with new enough gtk+ (Unix, bug 10126)
  • Fix GNOME Office charts resizing (Unix)
Gary Coady
  • Fix a gtk+ context menu scroll bug (Unix, bug 7604)
Mikey Cooper
  • Use GdkPixbuf to import WMFs and add support for WMF drag-and-drop (Unix)
Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho (INdT)
  • The OpenDocument importer now recognizes (and behaves accordingly to) table:number-columns-repeated attribute in table:table-column elements
  • The OpenDocument importer won't try to create a new section from inside a table cell when a paragraph within it uses a style that orders it (e.g., asking to change the master page style).
  • Bugfixes: 10265
Dom Lachowicz
  • Fix a crash when closing AbiWord with the insert symbol dialog open (Unix, bug 10031)
  • A bit of defensive code should work around bug 10178
  • Fix an OpenDocument import crash on invalid XML (bug 10193)
  • Fix a crash in OpenDocument import when we encounter some vector drawing commands (bug 10043)
  • Fix a Mail Merge field quotes problem (bug 8191)
  • Make the GNOME dictionary plugin handle non-ASCII characters (Unix, bug 10184)
  • Bugfixes: 10213, 9284, 10090 (possibly)
Patrick Lam
  • Fix a crash on exit (Unix, RedHat bug 182399)
Ricardo Pérez López
  • Add a spanish translation to the .desktop file (Unix)
Marc Maurer
  • Fix a security bug that was reported to us by Joxean Koret (thanks a lot!). A stack corruption could be triggered in the toolbar code by loading a document which contained a style with an insanely long name (afftects only Windows and Unix)
  • Fix AbiWord's unusability on x86_64 architectures (Unix, bug 8776)
  • Replace hr with hr-HR as a language code
  • Make sure that we can't get stack overflows when using _really_ long debug messages (Debug builds only)
  • Ditch the "Coquille" extension to the DocBook exporter
  • Move from to itex2MML 1.0 to 1.1.5; this allows for more compatibility with AMSLaTeX when entering LaTeX like equations.
  • Bugfixes: 10197
Ryan Pavlik
  • Update the Math library dependency download in the Tools installer. This reduces the download size from 2.89mb to 545kb!
  • Ditch the junk PDF plugin on Windows (it never worked anyway)
  • Disable building of the jpeg plugin on Windows, as the "win32native" plugin makes it redundant
  • Change the import/export installer to not refer to Coquille, as well as fix capitalization of  DocBook (Windows)
Martin Sevior
  • Stop flicker if the zoom doesn't change and we just change the height
  • Fix assert on exit if the embed plugins are present but not used
  • Fix a crash when importing an OpenDocument file due to brain dead code (bug 10341)
  • Do not write corrupt AbiWord files (bug 10177)
  • Fix the creation of an invalid file after inserting two tables into a bulleted list (bug 10282)
  • Fix a crash when inserting footnote with an endnote selected (bug 10240)
  • Bugfixes: 10228, 10239, 10353
Robert Staudinger
  • Update the AutoPackage specfile (Unix)
Fridrich Strba
  • Improvement of conversion of lists alignment for WordPerfect importer
  • Convert page margins in the WordPerfect importer correctly if libwpd is giving both page margins and sections margins
  • Fix to allow import of OpenWriter documents that lack some XML streams, and allow styles to be in the content.xml
  • Fix "AbiWord installer puts an add/remove programs entry in with quotes" (Windows, bug 9408)
  •  Implement Jordi's proposed fix for bug 10042 (Windows)
  • Fix some Stylist dialog updating issues (Windows)
  • Fix a bug that caused an existing stylist to become non-functional if you raised another stylist through the TOC dialog
  • Fix a misleading comment in the stylist code
  • Honor the --nosplash preference (Windows)
  • Allow Kurdish to be selected as the language for the main installer (Windows, part of bug 9635)
  • Fix a crash after pressing Esc in the LaTeX dialog (Unix, bug 9698)
  • Four win32 dialogs fail to open if they're closed with another window (Windows, bugs 9990, 9991, 9992, 9993)
  • Disable/enable the TOC heading style label and button based on the 'has heading' checkbox (Windows)
  • Fix a bug that prevented stylist categories from auto-expanding when the current style was the topmost entry (e.g. Contents 1) (Windows)
  • Fix two more write errors in the XSL-FO exporter
  • Add support for nine more languages when using the main installer (Windows)
  • Integrate Kurdish and Sardinian dictionary downloads into the main installer (Windows, bugs 9635 and 9762)
  • Fix hang when selecting insert symbol dialog without symbol.ttf installed (bug 10169)
  • Correct the dictionary sizes added during the commit for bugs 9635 and 9762
  • Initialize a lot of variables all over the place to make the code generally more stable
  • Fix an invalid memory read bug exposed by the document from bug 9005
  • Significant rewrite of the DocBook plug-in. Adds support for equations, charts, fields, nested tables, metadata, revision history, revision marks, positioned images, TOCs, and text boxes; improves support for hyperlinks, bookmarks, section nesting, images, tables, and headers and footers (lists are still not handled). Fixes Bugs 2275, 7019, 10066, and part of 9430.
  • Fix an "Out-of-bounds array read when loading a .doc" (bug 10261)
  • Don't crash when selecting a menu entry that wasn't correctly removed (e.g. selecting the Wikipedia menu entry after deactivating the AbiWikipedia plug-in)
  • Prevent crashes caused by inserting embed or math runs into TOCs (bug 9721)
  • Escape <keyword> values, as well as element properties, revision remarks, and field values on DocBook export before outputting them
  • Add support for <bibliosource>, <bibliorelation>, and <bibliocoverage> for better Dublin Core mapping in the DocBook exporter. Also, add some element definitions necessary for the importer.
  • Improve the handling of <abiword> props on export to DocBook. Also, make it easier to identify TOCs on import.
  • Prevent ucf-headings.odt (an AbiWord test suite file) from crashing on import
  • Fix a table-related crash on OpenDocument import (bug 10324)
  • Fix a list-related crash when exporting to OpenDocument (bug 10006)
  • Prevent the original crash from bug 10063
  • Fix a couple of common write errors in the OpenDocument exporter
  • Fix a number of unitialized variable issues when exporting TOCs to OpenDocument
  • Escape metadata and initialize a variable to prevent valgrind warnings in the OpenDocument exporter
  • Prevent an import crash that occurred with the exported OpenDocument from Attachment 3613 (from bug 9867)
  • Fix a crash on 'fo:column-count="0"' in the OpenDocument importer (bug 10076)
  • Fix several bugs in the OpedDocument importer: a common import footnote crash and prevent the three separate crashes that occurred when loading ucf-continueNumbering.odt, ucf-numberedList.odt, ucf-sectionAttribute-2.odt, and ucf-startValue.odt (from the AbiWord test suite)
  • Fix a crash when exporting a header to OpenDocument (bug 9798)
  • Don't pass uninitialized values to UT_strcmp, which should completely fix bug 10006
  • Add a note to the build instructions for MSVC6
  • Fix some more crashes in the OpenDocument importer, including the one triggered by cjk-office.odt (from the AbiWord testsuite)
  • Fix a crash in the OpenDocument exporter that occurred if you had more than one section with layout information (reproducible with dad_indt.odt from the AbiWord testsuite)
  • Fix a common crash when exporting images to OpenDocument due to an uninitialized value
  • Don't pass uninitialized file streams to fwrite() if a header or footer isn't found; should prevent crashes on OpenDocument export
  • Fix a common null pointer crash during OpenDocument import
  • Fix another uninitialized value crash during OpenDocument import
  • A fix for <keyword> handling in the DocBook exporter (dbk_corner_cases_general.abw from the AbiWord testsuite will now output the last keyword)
  • Fix two mismatched delete()s in field-related code in the HTML exporter
  • Fix invalid memory reads and writes in the Goto dialog (Unix)
  • Fix a mismatched free() in the Styles dialog (delete() was being used with calloc())
  • Initialize a value in the Lists dialog (Unix)
  • Initialize two values in the Word count dialog and fix a potential hang in the Lists dialog (both Unix)
  • Raise the Image dialog when double-clicking a picture; only works on Windows, and maybe mac (bug 9862)
  • Remove a duplicate line from the Croatian translation for the Windows installer
  • Shai Sztern: updated Hebrew translation (and a work-aroud for the last letter chopping)
  • Jonathan Ernst: updated French translations
  • Martin Srebotnjak: updated Slovenian translations
  • Renato Pavicic, Martin Srebotnjak: new Croatian translation
  • Renato Pavicic: new Croatian translation for the Windows NSIS installer
  • Martin Srebotnjak: Slovenian translation update for the Windows NSIS installer
  • K. an Drouizig: updated Breton translation
  • Pawan Chitrakar: new Nepali translation
  • Bai Dongyi: updated Chinese translation
  • Amos Batto: updated Bolivian Quechua translation

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