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WinAudit 2.28


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WinAudit 2.28  Change Log

  • Finnish translation of the user interface contributed by Rami Aalto.
  • Bug Fix: Missing printer information in XML output (thanks Joao G.).
  • Added: The Operating System's bit size.
  • Bug Fix: Incomplete image names for HTML pages(thanks Steven F.).
  • Bug Fix: Missing serial number on some systems (thanks Brian G. and Tom H.).
  • Bug Fix: Removed duplicate software titles (thanks David R.).
  • Added: Find non-Windows executables.
  • Added: The operating system's installation language.
  • Added: User logon statistics.
  • Added: Software metering.
  • Added: Open Database Connectivity drivers and source names.
  • Added: Tabular format for export of audit to a database.
  • Bug Fix: Hard drive information missing on some systems (thanks Ismael S.).
  • Added: Added account name and file path to the Services category.
  • Bug Fix: System Management BIOS missing on some systems (thanks Ismael S.).
  • Updated: French (Belgium) translation of the user interface by Pierre Bierwertz.
  • Change: Some network data items now require Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.
  • Updated: Turkish translation of the user interface by Nejdet Acar.
  • Bug Fix: Mal-formed XML output of binary data (thanks Josh K.).
  • Added: Command line switch to specify the maximum event log entries to be reported.
  • Change: Horizontal page breaks for PDF, Preview and Printing.
  • Change: Report only unique messages from system error logs.

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