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TrueCrypt 4.2a


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TrueCrypt 4.2a  Change Log

Bug fixes:

* Writing to a TrueCrypt volume under Linux no longer causes the system to stop responding under certain conditions.
* Occasional application errors no longer occur when selecting a file (Windows XP SP2 issue).
* Fixed bug that caused installation of the TrueCrypt driver to fail under certain configurations of 64-bit Windows.
* TrueCrypt volumes mounted in a remote session under Windows 2000 can now be accessed.
* TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard no longer blocks hot keys of certain applications. (Windows)
* Other minor bug fixes (Windows and Linux)


* It will not be required to reinstall the TrueCrypt kernel module after every minor Linux kernel update.
* Support for latest Linux kernel (2.6.17)
* Other minor improvements (Windows and Linux)

Security improvements:

* The Linux version of TrueCrypt now uses the TrueCrypt Random Number Generator (ported from the Windows version of TrueCrypt) instead of using only the Linux built-in random number generator. (This change was necessary due to a flaw in the Linux built-in random number generator: Data from the mouse and keyboard, which are the most important sources of random data, are not read by the Linux built-in random number generator when the user has only a USB mouse/keyboard.)
Note: The Linux version of TrueCrypt still uses the Linux built-in random number generator. However, it is now merely one of the data sources used by the TrueCrypt random number generator.
* Interactive mount mode, which allows the user to avoid passing sensitive parameters via command line. (Linux)
* TrueCrypt volume is unmapped if mounting it to a directory fails. (Linux)
* When the Never Save History option is enabled, TrueCrypt sets its current directory to the users home directory (in traveller mode, to the directory from which TrueCrypt was launched) after a container or keyfile is selected via the Windows file selector. Therefore, the Windows file selector will not remember the path of the last selected container or keyfile. (Windows)


* Released under the TrueCrypt Collective License Version 1.0

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