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phpBB 2.0.22


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phpBB 2.0.22  Change Log

  • [Fix] Correctly re-assign group moderator on user deletion (Bug #280)
  • [Fix] Deleting a forum with multiple polls included (Bug #6740)
  • [Fix] Fixed postgresql query for obtaining group moderator in groupcp.php (Bug #6550)
  • [Fix] Selected field on first entry by default for font size within posting_body.tpl (Bug #7124)
  • [Fix] Adjusted maxlength parameters in admin/styles_edit_body.tpl (Bug #81)
  • [Fix] Fixed html output in make_forum_select if no forums present (Bug #436)
  • [Fix] Fixed spelling error(s) in lang_admin.php (Bug #7172, #6978)
  • [Fix] Correctly display censored words in admin panel (Bug #12271)
  • [Fix] Do not allow soft hyphen \xAD in usernames (reported by Bander00)
  • [Fix] Fixed the group permission system's use of array access
  • [Fix] Simple group permissions now work properly
  • [Sec] Fix possible XSRF Vulnerability in private messaging and groups handling
  • [Fix] Fix inability to export smilies (Bug #2265)
  • [Fix] Fixing some problems with PHP5 and register_long_arrays off

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