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Password Safe 3.27


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Password Safe 3.27  Change Log

# New Features
* User can now add a database name and description via the Properties diaolg.
* Allow filters to match on rules based on the password's length.
* Shift + "left mouse button 'Double-Click'" now configurable for user. The default is copy the username to the clipboard.
* Preferences stored in the database are shown in blue in the Options dialogs.
# Changes to Existing Features
* Tooltip for System tray (displaying database file path) is now limited to 40 characters (replacing text in the middle with '...' if needed).
* The passphrase is now required to change from read-only to read/write.
# Bugs fixed
* No longer crashes when unlocking with Subset Password dialog box opened.
* PasswordSafe now displays forms correctly on Netbooks.
* Toolbar now updated to reflect R/W or R-O mode when user dynamically changes mode.
* User can now save database after manually taking a backup./td>
* System Menu 'X' now closes the Edit/View PropertyPages when the database is in R-O mode or the entry is protected.
* Filter image in Status bar is no longer replaced by 'Filter1' after changing preferences via Manage?Options.
* Selecting hexadecimal passwords as the database policy no longer causes validation to fail.
* Correctly show database has been modified (to allow saving) if database preferences have been changed.

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