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Password Safe 3.16


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Password Safe 3.16  Change Log

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.16

Bugs fixed in 3.16
[2529736] Validate now corrects all Password History errors
[2509817] Control characters no longer sent via Autotype.
[2481370] Can now create shortcut by right-mouse down dragging.
[] Can now process filters (within the database or imported) based on
'username' field ("user" in the XML file).
[2423397] Sorting direction database preference was not being saved in
the database. See "Changes to Existing Features" below.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.16
[Open Discussion] Ctrl+F no longer toggles the Find Toolbar but shows
it if not currently visible.
[2423397] Changes to preferences stored in the database are no longer
silently saved in the database (including any changes to any entries).
A new flag is shown in the Status Bar to indicate the preferences have
been changed and the user can decide to save these, or not, when closing
the database, directly or when ending the application.
[] Support interoperability with tools that access edit control text
by setting PWS_PW_MODE environment variable to "NORMAL".

New Features for 3.16
[2509821] Support Group (\g), Title (\i) and Notes (\o, \onnn) fields
via Autotype.
[] Installation program now offers German as well as English
installation instructions, as well as installing German language
support. The framework is easily extended to other languages. Thanks
to Karlo Van der Gucht for his work on this.
[2450841] The user can use the DragBar to drag and drop the group name
when a group is selected. Pressing the Ctrl key while dragging the group,
when a group or entry is selected, will only copy the immediate parent group.
Standard behaviour is to copy all groups up to the root of the database with
dots between successive group names.
[2450827] Add a new menu item (on Edit Menu or right-click context
menu) to go to the corresponding base entry of an Alias or Shortcut. As
part of this change, only relevant items are shown on the Edit menu depending
on the current selected item (group or normal, shortcut base, alias base,
alias or shortcut entry).
[2425045] During Edit, if the entry has been changed and the user presses
the Cancel button, they are asked to confirm losing their changes.
[2415952] The currrent display status of the Find Toolbar is remembered at
application close and, if visible, it is will be shown the next time the
application is started.

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