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Pick a software title... to downgrade to the version you love! 2.3.1 RC1 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2.3.1 RC1  Change Log

cairo canvas fixes
Fixe of issue 82625
Fix for DND threading apartment problems on Windows
single fix cws for impress presentation
l10n fixes for arabic
New Java GUI Installer
Release CWS to provide DirectX Canvas as Extension
Framework fixes for OOo2.3.1
OOo 2.3.1 installation tasks
Writer bug fixes for OOo2.3.1/SO8PU9
Fix crash when leaving presentation mode with accessibility enabled.
Calc issues for target OOo 2.3.1
Framework OOo2.3.1 fixes.
upgrading hsqldb to latest release *Not* for integration into the SRC680 code line, the changes will be merged manually into another CWS!
Bundle new JRE with StarOffice/OpenOffice
Fix regressions in PDF export of OOo 2.3.0
fix Python.h check
Writer bugfixes for 2.3.1
Misc fixes for 2.3.1
Various fixes for OOo 2.3.1
Update Dutch spell checker for 2.3.1.
DBA related bug fixing towards 2.3.1
impress fixes for OOo 2.3.1
fix two Java issues for 2.3.1
L10N cws for OOo 2.3.1 , do not integrate into SRC680!!!!
Showstopper cws.
Do not crash when loading too big pictures.
Update pt-BR spellchecker.
Fixes for 2.3.1
i18n bug fix
chart bugfixes for OOo 2.3.1
fix for issue i79774 respectively internal issue b6596954
small build fixes to avoid bigger trouble - 2.3.1 only!
chart regressions in 2.3
new cli assemblies
ScriptFramework.jar not available to extensions
Issues for 2.3.1
fix ucb build with system curl 7.17.0 2 Builds Comments

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