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Miranda 0.5.1


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Miranda 0.5.1  Change Log

- ICQ: Added new session password API - allowing plugins like Secure Login to work better
- Jabber: Improved the compatibility with the GTalk clients:
- Typing notification (JEP-0085);
- Avatars retrieving and publication (JEP-0153).
- Jabber: SASL authentication implemented, to allow the TLS usage. For old
servers which don't support SASL, the special option was added to disable
SASL, it guarantees the full compatilibily with almost all servers.
- Yahoo: Show a Popup for System Messages.
- Yahoo: Improvements to the request handling when behind HTTP/HTTPS proxies
- Yahoo: Added System Message handling (via Popup).

- Cannot create new profile through startup dialog (under NT4/95)
- Crash reading language pack headers
- Options dialog didn't activate if currently open when using the main menu item
- Profile selector didn't show last modified time correctly
- db3x driver text was cut off in profile selector dialog
- AutoExec files were deleted after use instead of renaming
- Allow use of '#' as the beginning character in a autoexec file
- Typo in about dialog
- Importing from autoexec_*.ini now supports CP1251 and UTF-8
- AIM: Fixed login problems from previous login order change
- AIM: Fixed utf8 sending for aim clients
- AIM: Keepalive timer fixes
- AIM: Changed the login order to force aol to send us a list on login
- AIM: Changed group handling to not move manually added users to their actual group
- AIM: Changed group handling to not lowercase all server-side group names
- AIM: Added meebo client detection
- AIM: Added adium client detection(beta adium only)
- AIM: Modified the gaim/adium detection to show as only gaim detection
- AIM: Fixed file transfer directory opening bug.
- AIM: Apply button in options got enabled by default
- AIM: Require "You were added" on new contact additions
- AIM: Fixed a memory leak on deny file transfer
- AIM: Removed extra mail service request at login
- AIM: Fixed problems with initial signon as away when "Do not reply to request for this message" is set
- ICQ: Fixed possible hang on exit
- ICQ: Fixed avatars were not working when server port set to 0
- ICQ: Made message parser more strict (fixes bug allowing stealth invisible client detection)
- ICQ: Fixed Popup's unicode support cannot be used in ANSI mode even if available (caused empty Popups)
- ICQ: Fixes possible buffer overflow with contact status change
- ICQ: Fixed migration was not working at all (should not disconnect so often on server's upgrading)
- ICQ: Fixed offline greeting cards were not processed properly
- ICQ: Fixed small protocol glitch with reverse peer-to-peer connection
- ICQ: Fixed HTTP/HTTPS proxy support (removed useless gateway option), long messages are now sent properly
- Jabber: Fixed invalid invitations in groupchats
- Jabber: JEP-0077 compliance fixed
- MSN: Fixed sending files to old Windows Messengers (4.x-5.x)
- MSN: Fixed direct avatars transfers for Windows Live Messenger
- SRMM: Improved RTL support
- Yahoo: Fixed avatar upload bug
- Yahoo: Show a system message when a file is successfully uploaded to Yahoo servers.
- Yahoo: various small fixes.

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