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MediaMonkey RC1  Change Log

4269 Added hotkey support for switching filters
4323 Fixed error can occur for corrupted Album Art with zero width or height
4311 Fixed search Artist & Album Artist doesn't search Album Artist
4320 Fixed auto-tag from Web doesn't convert special HTML characters
4319 Fixed Album Artist field is populated with Artist field on rescan even if blanked
4321 Fixed some ID3v2 genre tags are read twice (regression)
4322 Fixed album art can be displayed as a thin line in Album art view (regression)
4324 Fixed Album Art may not show up in Album Art view for Albums with many Artists (regression)
4309 Fixed Custom fields 4 and 5 can't be sorted in Tracklist (regression)
4308 Fixed period in Album or Artist name aren't shown in Album Art view
4328 Fixed import ratings from iTunes fails if tracks in iTunes DB are stored in UNC format
4315 Fixed import ratings from Winamp fails when DB isn't in expected location
4327 Fixed extension icon sometimes isn't be visible (regression)
4325 Fixed Vista navigation bar sometimes incorrectly bolded in skinless mode
4330 Fixed Pop-up transparency settings are ignored on mouseover
4313 Fixed spectrograph flickers on pause
4312 Fixed Browse Folder dialog tree isn't in focus & incremental search doesn't work
4326 Optimized query performance
4331 Updated Japanese translation

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