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MediaMonkey RC4  Change Log

- 2367 Added synchronization of WMA and OGG to MTP devices
- 2722 Improved iPod synchronization for corrupted iPods
- 2734 Fixed iPod synchronization: iPod game sounds can be added to the iPod library
- 2739 Fixed iPod synchronization: browsing iPod during synch can trigger a freeze
- 2644 Fixed album art may be removed from an iPod on Rebuild Database operation
- 2725 Fixed volume leveling doesn't work when playing tracks from an iPod in MediaMonkey
- 2724 Fixed ratings not correctly synchronized to iRiver Clix
- 2728 Fixed FLAC tracks can be tagged with 2 Ensemble fields
- 2723 Fixed Scanning of FLAC tracks may fail
- 2736 Fixed conversion of 24-bit WAV files to FLAC yields faulty tracks
- 2719 Fixed multiple instances of decoder.exe can occur when auto-converting flac
- 2709 Fixed .fla extension isn't supported
- 2735 Fixed reading corrupt WAV tags can trigger a slowdown/freeze
- 2738 Fixed ogg/flac tags aren't always cleared --> they can be persistently unsynchronized
- 2732 Fixed some dlls aren't thread safe
- 2721 Fixed player behaves erratically for tracks > 400 minutes

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