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Foxit PDF Reader


Foxit PDF Reader Latest Version

Foxit PDF Reader

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15.70 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 1516

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1.67 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1209 Add info2.56 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1130 Add info1.07 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1413 Add info1.16 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1522 Add info1.08 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1621 Add info1.20 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1111 Add info2.53 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 1231 Add info1.11 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 0104 Add info2.58 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 0930 Add info2.60 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 6, 20052.60 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info1.13 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.0104 Add info1.11 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.0930 Add info1.16 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1111 Add info1.13 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1130 Add info1.07 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1209 Add info1.15 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1231 Add info1.11 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1413 Add info1.16 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1522 Add info1.08 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1621 Add info1.20 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 BetaJun 3, 20063.32 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 1312Jan 12, 20071.65 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 1316Feb 9, 20071.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 1516 Add info1.67 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 1409 Add info1.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 0930Oct 1, 20061.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 0922Sep 22, 20061.58 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 0912Sep 12, 20061.72 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.0609 BetaJun 30, 20063.32 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.0912 Add info1.72 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.0922 Add info1.58 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.0930 Add info1.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1312 Add info1.65 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1316 Add info1.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1409 Add info1.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1414Feb 15, 20071.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1516 Add info1.67 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.0.1606Apr 7, 20071.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.1.2023Aug 24, 20072.10 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.2 2129 Add info2.14 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.2.2129 Add info2.14 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3Jun 16, 20083.66 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3.2822 Add info2.55 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3.2825Apr 27, 20082.55 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3.2923Aug 23, 20082.55 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3.3201Aug 5, 20082.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 2.3.3309Sep 17, 20082.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0 1120 Add info3.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0Nov 21, 20083.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0.1120 Add info3.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0.1222Dec 27, 20083.69 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0.1301Jan 1, 20093.69 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0.1506Mar 10, 20093.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.0.1817Jun 20, 20093.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 25, 20095.05 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3, 20095.06 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 1, 20095.06 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 9, 20095.07 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 6, 20095.07 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 25, 20095.11 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 11, 20106.60 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.2.1Apr 1, 20106.67 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 12, 20106.67 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3.3.0May 4, 20106.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4, 20106.68 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 20, 20106.69 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4.0Jun 29, 20104.87 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 29, 20106.73 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 3, 20106.99 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4.1.1Aug 6, 20106.69 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 6, 20106.69 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4.2Sep 29, 20107.54 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 29, 20107.54 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info7.49 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4.3.1Jan 20, 20117.51 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info7.51 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 24, 20117.55 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 24, 20117.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 4.31 0118Jan 19, 20117.57 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.0.1 0523Jul 12, 201111.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 26, 201111.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 21, 201111.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.1.0 1021 Add info13.85 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info13.85 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.1.3 Build 0606Jun 11, 201213.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 7, 201114.24 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.1.4 Build 0104Jan 7, 201213.85 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 6, 201213.85 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.02 0718 Add info11.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.3.0 Build 0423May 3, 201213.95 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info13.95 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info13.98 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.2 Build 901Sep 6, 201214.92 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info14.92 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.3 build 0920Sep 18, 201214.92 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.3 Build 920Sep 26, 201214.92 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info14.92 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.4 Build 11281Dec 4, 201215.21 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info16.36 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info15.21 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.5 Build 0114Jan 17, 201315.70 MB
Foxit PDF Reader 5.4.5 Build 0124Jan 28, 201315.70 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info15.70 MB
Foxit PDF Reader Add info15.70 MB

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Foxit PDF Reader Description

Foxit PDF Reader the alternative multilingual PDF reader, packed full of useful features and notably quicker than its competitors. Foxit is a small program, so installation is hardly time consuming and opening documents is lightning quick, it also comes with a customizable sleek UI with toolbars which feature utilities such as search tool, zoom, text selection, rotate and more. With Foxit you have more control over how you view your documents, for example, if you only wish to view the text of the PDF file Foxit will remove all images leaving just text; there is also a full-screen mode and Foxit even has a text-to-speech feature that can read aloud your document which is especially useful for the visually impaired.

First released in 2004 by developers Foxit Corporation, it attracted attention for being able to do exactly what Adobe Reader does, only quicker and with less stress on PC resources. Over the years developers tweaked Foxit adding new features and streamlining the UI; v2.2 included support for word capturing, advanced search, bookmarks synchronization and multi-tab browsing enabling you to view multiple files in one window. Leading up to the latest version 5.0.x Foxit has become more advanced and more secure minus all the bugs which are evident in Adobe Reader. Version 5 supports comment tools so you can add annotations to documents, form filler, editing tools and new skins. Its security features include trust manager (safe mode viewing), digital signature verification platform and a security warning dialogue which warns users if the PDF attempts to run a harmful external command.

Foxit PDF Reader 2.0 is the last to support Windows 95/NT 4.0/98/ME. All versions of Foxit support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Foxit is also compatible with Linux.

Foxit comes in basic and full versions which are both free to download. All Foxit versions are stable and run well, however a favored version of the Foxit reader in v3.1; under stress tests it comes out best and just works flawlessly without the need for many of all the new features in later versions.

Pros: Lightning fast, small installation file, packed full of useful features, secure.
Cons: Installs add-ons with latest version (Ask toolbar).

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