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Eset NOD32 5.0.93


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Eset NOD32 5.0.93  Change Log

# New Look
* Home Screen: Quick links make important tools and features more readily accessible:
* Advanced mode: All key features and configuration options are included in the new Graphical User Interface - you no longer have to toggle advanced mode.
* Protection status icon: Now located in the upper right-hand corner of the main program window, the Protection status icon provides access to the main menu from any screen.
* Breadcrumbs: When viewing a nested screen, breadcrumbs aid navigation by allowing you to jump back to a previous window.
# Parental Control
* Web content filter: Automatically selects appropriate web categories for easy setup and blocks or allows specific web pages and categories.
* User Accounts: Create and manage user accounts with pre-configured and custom profiles based on the age and profile of the user (i.e. Parent, Teenager, Child and Custom).
* Activity log: View a log of sites visited, whether those sites are allowed or restricted, and their time stamp.
# ESET Live Grid
* First time scans with a new virus signature database do not utilize the cloud whitelist
* ESET Reputation System: Running processes are displayed along with their risk level and number of users in the cloud who are also running them
# Gamer mode
* System protection runs in the background without requiring user interaction
* Pop-up windows are disabled
* CPU usage by ESET is minimized
* Scheduled ESET tasks are postponed
* Advanced behavioral analysis
* Uses network filtering to monitor running processes, files and registry keys
* Actively blocks intrusion attempts
# Automatically check for product updates
* Can be configured to check regularly for the latest product version automatically.

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