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Eset NOD32 4.0.314


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Eset NOD32 4.0.314  Change Log

* ESET SysInspector Integration - a powerful diagnostic tool for in-depth analysis of the operating system, including running processes, registry content, startup items and network connections
* ESET SysRescue - new wizard for creating bootable CD/DVD and USB thumb drive for cleaning infected systems
* Removable Media Access Control - set scan options for USB devices, such as thumb drives, CD/DVD, flash storage, or block all access to them to prevent infections through file sharing. Autorun files are automatically scanned when devices are mounted
* Advanced Archive Scanning – scan compressed ZIP, RAR, CAB files and more to root out hidden malware. Users have full control of scanning depth, maximum file size, and scan timeout
* Support for Additional Email Clients – integration with Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Mail simplifies email scanning. POP3 and IMAP scanning means anti-malware protection for virtually any email client
* Personal Firewall Improvements – time saving "learning mode" automatically creates rules for all observed communications. The user or administrator can then verify or edit the rules as necessary, without creating them manually. Users can also override Automatic mode with exceptions.
* Self-Defense – built-in technology that protects ESET software processes and registry keys against malware trying to disable or negatively affect computer's protection status
* Scanning of Encrypted Communications – SSL-encrypted protocols such as HTTPS and POP3S are scanned for malware
* Anti-Spam Improvements – improved spam detection, performance and system footprint
* Integrated Anti-Stealth – advanced protection against Rootkits
* Support for Cisco NAC
* Plus many usability improvements, such as:
o Delaying non-critical scanning tasks when running on battery or UPS
o Keyboard shortcuts and non-graphical display mode that's compatible with screen reading applications for the visually impaired
o And many more...

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