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Eraser  Change Log

  • Updated a few missing Italian localization resources
  • Fixed crash on startup for certain computers
  • Use proper font handling for menus during theming.
  • Made improvements to the progress handling of NTFS' handling of unused directory entry erasures
  • Stricter .NET framework version check, including that of service packs.
  • Don't allow automatically-loaded plugins to be automatically-loaded forever (security fix)
  • Unauthorized file access messages during cluster tip erasures have been downgraded from error to information.
  • Fixed potential blank context menu items in certain locales and locations in the shell
  • Better error handling when cleaning up erased files and folders
  • Fixes bug #286: Random errors when erasing cluster tips due to SfcIsFileProtected
  • Fixes bug #285: Multiple custom method editor bug fixes
  • Fixes multiple localization issues for users who do not use English builds of Windows and for which no localization is currently available
  • Better error message when loading settings fail.
  • Prevent a stack overflow when a user picks the FL16KB erasure method recursively as the chained erasure method.
  • Fixed updating from the Eraser website when we use download IDs
  • Fixed random crashes when using the Context menu to erase files/folders
  • Simplified removal of decoy files from the settings page
  • Fixed removal of plausible deniability decoys (#297)
  • Fixed more crashes on startup.
  • Fixed crash when erasing files which do not exist.
  • Fixed race condition when two Eraser instances are started at the same time
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the About dialog, but the appropriate handler could not be executed.
  • Fixed crash when closing open handles for which filenames cannot be found.
  • Fixed crash when users erase the root of a drive
  • Fixed error when erasing files with plausible deniability enabled and having insufficient space on-disk.
  • Fixed crashes when progress events are triggered (due to their asynchronous nature)
  • Fixed cluster tip erasures when erasing the system drive: check both for existence of a directory as well as the ability to access it before throwing errors
  • Task log improvements, notably those which involve errors before logging used to start
  • Fixed inconsistent state of tasks which were edited and run immediately (potential crash)
  • Removed NtQuerySystemInformation entropy gathering, fixes freezing and BSoDs for most users
  • Better test for stream existence
  • Confirm with the user that dropped files should be erased. Fixes #306
  • Implemented UNC path erasures (Fixes #313)
  • Fixed crash when unlocking file locked by a process with a higher permission level than Eraser
  • Fixed blank screen when starting Eraser with --quiet and then starting another Eraser instance (thanks to DavidHB for reporting this)
  • Managed/unmanaged call optimization
  • Fixed handling of corrupt volumes when querying a volume for information
  • Fixed identification of drive types
  • Fixed crash for users when clicking on Add Data
  • Better enumeration of files which is more tolerant to files which are deleted during the erase process
  • Better handling of directory reparse points and more efficient directory/file enumeration processes
  • Ensure the validity of decoy files before using them, fixing most exceptions during erasure when decoy files are enabled
  • Fixed crash when importing a corrupt/old task list.
  • Cleaner shutdown processes
  • Respect the Erase if Empty option when erasing directories
  • Allow a longer wait for the new Eraser instance to be spawned
  • Proper shut down when Hide when Minimized is enabled. Thanks to DavidHB for the report
  • Display errors when opening URLs fail instead of crashing
  • Fixed network statistics entropy gathering: wrong function order
  • Fixed exception when erasing cluster tips of files which were deeted during the enumeration process
  • Fixed command line parsing when commas and equality signs are in the filename
  • Fixed certain cannot delete file/folder errors when erasing files (due to invalid filenames being generated)
  • Handle locked files better when erasing files
  • Potential fix for insufficient disk space errors when doing free disk space erasures
  • When copying log entries use Windows line breaks
  • Fixed potential double exception when erasing cluster tips
  • Include the internal error when throwing an exception to indicate the inability to lock a volume

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