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Eraser  Change Log

* Progress dialog improvements
* Deal with cluster tip erasure failures more robustly
* subfolders of the target if they are empty after the erase regardless of whether the folder should be deleted when empty
* Fixed the crash which appears after Erase has been running for a while
* Create a Hide button for the progress dialog
* Relabelled tab order for the progress dialog
* Friendlier error message used when access is denied erasing a file cluster tip.
* Moved the task list to a file in the Local Application Data folder (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Eraser 6)
* Allow users to filter log messages by severity
* Fixed crash when "unformatted" drives are installed on the computer.
* Clean up files meant for cleaning up the MFT after we are done with it.
* Log viewer performance optimisations
* Fixed a crash when right-clicking a drive in the Computer folder.
* Fixed restart-run tasks.
* Made the forced closure of file handles optional
* Added first draft of the Eraser documentation
* Allow eraser to be called from the Run dialog
* Fixed crash when erasing FAT file systems.
* Certain file names which could not be erased from the context menu previously can now be erased.
* Allow computers without network adapters to run Eraser
* Disk performance counters can now be used as an entropy source
* Cleaner NTFS MFT erasure.
* Implemented FAT cleaning
* Implemented delete key in the Scheduler.
* Updated the Visual C++ runtime to the latest one (2008SP1 with ATL security fix)
* Installer bootstrapper improvements
* Do not stop running a task if one target does not exist.
* NTFS MFT Cleaning improvements.
* Allow many files to be dragged into the Eraser Window.
* Erase MFT resident files before expanding the file to clear the cluster.
* When selecting too many files to erase from the Eraser context menu in Windows Explorer display a helpful error message instead of failing without any reason.
* Fixed Eraser being unable to exit when started at logon.
* Allow an elevated instance of Eraser to be controlled remotely by the same user.
* Fixed crash when deleting multiple tasks
* Added Italian localisation support
* Compile Warning fixes
* Don't check the SFC filelist if the given path name is longer than 255 characters
* Implemented Italian localisation
* Fixed build process for developers without code signing certificates
* Rearranged the Italian settings panel to fit longer strings
* More Italian localisation work
* Display the language name in the .NET framework language for all Eraser translations for uniformity
* Display untranslated strings in debug builds as "untranslated" but use the English string in release builds
* Fixed updater crash
* More Italian localisation work; added support for Shell Extension translations
* Implemented Shell Extension translation switching (controlled from the Eraser Settings page)

Eraser 6 Builds

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