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Dexpot 1.5.14


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Dexpot 1.5.14  Change Log

# Features
* New hotkeys "Move window and switch"
* Automatic restoration of window distribution on resume from standby
* Rule files (*.dxr) may contain multiple rules of the same name
* Added some more programs to the default ignore list
# Bugs
* Fixed Explorer crashes when using certain title bar actions
* Fixed detection of contradicting conditions in the Desktop Rules wizard
* Fixed Ctrl-click action when using "One icon per desktop" tray icon mode
* Desktop switching could enable window minimize animations
* Fixed problems with move/copy "on next switch" feature
* Fixed initial selection of a window copied to multiple desktops in the DexTab task switcher
* Fixed opaque desktop icon background when icon drop shadows are disabled on Windows XP
* Fixed problem with sticky Start menu shadow
* Fixed copying of windows when switching desktops in quick succession
* Fixed several rule import/export bugs

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