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Dexpot 1.5.11


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Dexpot 1.5.11  Change Log

# Features
* Dexpot warns about problems with the Common Controls and can fix some of them
* Ability to add and edit start-up items in Configure Desktops by pressing the enter key
* Taskbar Pager now supports right-to-left languages on Windows 7
* Ctrl-right-clicking a window in the Taskbar Pager opens the Dexpot main menu

# Bugs
* Fixed problem with desktop switching in TeamViewer remote sessions
* Fixed some bugs when moving and copying windows in the Desktop Preview
* Windows arranged using AeroSnap did not show up correctly in the Desktop Preview
* Desktop Preview could disappear when changing certain settings
* Fixed crash when changing the background of "all desktops" in Configure Desktops
* Fixed some visual artifacts in the Taskbar Pager
* Fixed some minor bugs in the Settings dialog
* Resetting all passwords did not correctly clear the master password
* Desktop Manager tooltips no longer show information about protected desktops
* Eliminated excessive disk accesses when using custom icons in the Desktop Manager
* Fixed tooltip window border bug

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