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XnView 1.91.3


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XnView 1.91.3  Change Log

Added :

Read support of MP3 ID TAGS (id3lib.dll)
Rotation added in browser mode
Added rating in browser (only if cache is enabled)
New Print dialog
Archive browsing (support zip, ace, rar, cab, 7z, sqx)
New panel in browser (tab for favorites, and tabs for info/Metadata)
browser custom tooltips like fullscreen/info
In submenu of toolbar, use of icon
New toolbar
Tag system in browser (for convert/slide/rename/webpage/contact sheet/copy to/Move to)
Database is now used for thumbnail caching
gamma + sharpen for thumbnail
Support ICC embedded profile (JPEG/TIFF)
Custom label - &
Include/Exclude extension :
Option to rebuild embedded thumbnail for JPEG
sound in slideshow -
more effects in slideshow
New option dialog
duplicate finder
Back/Next with history -
recursive subfolder convert/Stripe/multipage/slideshow
Batch convert, option to keep directory structure
Dialog during converting -
IPTC/EXIF can be used in HTML templace, eg. ## -,
Histogram in browser -
Now you can hide mini toolbar
Use of offset for canvas resize -
JPEG Color subsampling added -
export multipage pdf
Picture compare, Tab added
Folder for xnview.ini - &
Add \\\'Rebuild thumb\\\'
in open dialog, show network, data folders
option \"fit video\"
option Auto play for video/sound
option/browser/misc/slideshow \"Use All image & video files in current folder\" & \"Use All image & video files in current folder and its subfolder\"
keep original date of file for save -
In batch convert/Resize add custom format list
Gamma for OpenEXR
search, picture width/height
.ico can be associated without changing icon
-slide -
Option for \"1 image folder\"
Rotate indicator doesn\\\'t change using keys -
Switching language more quickly, Ctrl+F12 (default), Alt+F12 (next) -
Orientation auto for send email.
3GP added with quicktime
Added simple PAL file -
WEB, option to convert original picture in jpeg
Tooltips added on folder (thumb view)
Info icon, icons in category tree can be customized (tabtree & icninfo)
2 flags for toolbar/statusbar visibility : -
Numpad 4, 5, 2, 6, 8 to move in picture - 0 to center
Added \\\'fit to window width/height variable\\\' -
Camera RAW resolution setting for view too -
Add new histogram normalize (based on pnmnorm from Bryan Henderson), and histogram align (Thanks to Mirco SARTOR)
Add option for up/down key
option to remove contextual menu
Use original picture if smaller -
Sort by width or height -
color for cut/clear
Option tree click to rename
\\\'EXIF Date modified\\\' can be changed in \\\'Change timestamp\\\' dialog
Category (virtual folder)
Show mouse X/Y in status bar (view mode) -
Color for items in xnview.ini : \"ColorFilter=format type, R G B\" or \"ColorFilter=*.extension, R G B\"
Ratio is displayed in status bar (view mode)
Yes all/No all to save changes (view mode)
EXIF rotation only on landscape picture -
predefined keywords&categories list for iptc editing!
Feature to create thumbnails for a folder (recurse) in database
reset X/Y when lock zoom too -
Lock Zoom saved -
rotate smooth in batch-convert
Show Mask/Combine in fullscreen
Start batch convert with selected file in viewer -
\\\'save\\\' can save all pages from a TIFF multipage
Add selection ratio 3\"x5\" (5:3), 5\"x7\" (7:5), 10\"x13\" (12:10)
Copy/Move .thm with .crw, .xmp with .dng
Option to use preview on second monitor in fullscreen
Update & rotate JPEG embedded thumbnail
Add in convert, levels
in View section of .ini, ColorInfo (0: ON for current session, 1: ON for current image, 2: Always)
Plugin for HDPhoto
Improved/Changed :

Display color info not saved -
batch convert - transformations in a tree -
metadata export in 1 menu entry -
In view mode, Edit IPTC can write (lossless) or only set IPTC data -
Deinterlace in Filter -
Remove some items from context menu -
Option - \\\'Open all selected images\\\' & \\\'Maximize View when Open\\\' removed
\\\'Combine mask\\\' removed, option/Use transparency/alpha is now the only option
Fixed :

Problem with EXE slideshow (grey picture)
Problem in duplicate/Rename
Problem with user ratio -
Problem with switch W/H selection -
Fix some camera RAW problems
Batch rename : can add \\ char, so replace it with -
Problem to search in all fields -
Problem with cropping & Xdpi != Ydpi
dbl click in batch convert/transformations -
bad tooltips on tabs -
Open action is no more used by menu
Fix a problem between TC & \\\'Only one instance\\\' option
Labels for EXIF XML always in english
Crash if click on close between a search -
Browser info not refreshed -
panorama - problem with sort menu
No picture in about box if not in english
Sending an unsaved scan via e-mail fails -
Double-click should open slide show -
Treeview scroll horizontally for a drop -
rename dialog won\\\'t change case -
\"Acquire into...\" overwrites files... -
Browser : Rename dialog option -
USB event failed -
no drop shadow effect in Batch convert -
long comment and \\\'Thumbnails & Details\\\' view crash -
File selection error with quick find key -
Groupbox for options, Wording -
Slideshow goes forward in steps of 2 with RMB -
Creating folder in folder tree with F7 pb -
RMB + CTRL open windows explorer context menu -
Cannot add DNG files using Add Folder dialog -
PB Filetype icon for RAW files :
bug capture memory leak :
Rotate delete metadata
Problem EXIF/IPTC kept by sending email
Problem PDF B&W LZW/RLE/ZIP hide of treeview
Problem Outlook 2003 Open several files with another program?
\\\'Open With\\\' program added at the end
After search, menu/tools/batch rename is disabled
Add, Edit & sort in favorites : &
thumbnail + labels => folder with \\\'.\\\' (filename without extension)
View mode, Ctrl+C copy filename too
Too space in filmstrip -
Pb description after rename (view mode) -
Template filename number, pb with number in extension -
Color used on active Tab -
Open With - use descrption instead filename -
Scan into can\\\'t add more than 100 pages
Problem in PDF title -
Problem with descript.ion and delete/move file -
NConvert export, -rflag -
Fix thumbnail for 2bits picture
WBC fix
view mode - move go to next file -
Problem Fit Desktop & taskbar -
\\\'Not Fit\\\' problem with fullscreen -
CMYK JPEG too dark
exe slideshow don\\\'t use EXIF rotation
tooltips problem -
no custom open with in popup menu after search -
OP/Canvas resize - following orientation
Problem EXIF geotags -
Problem TAB - iptc control -
Gamma & TC -
Describe (Ctrl+D) doesn\\\'t works in fullscreen
Problem to copy exif data in properties
New extract picture from movie (preview)
Capture doesn\\\'t restore xnview window state -
XPM problem (2 chars)
Crash with BAD FLC
Problem with some KDC
TIFF with nsamples>3 and 16bits
PGM 16bits
Pb with mouse on dual monitor - &
Second Monitor will not show slide show -
Problem en \\\'force xnview to fit\\\' grey area -
Problem in slideshow dialog with videos (not shown always) -

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