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Winamp 1.92


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Winamp 1.92  Change Log

  • Mousewheel support (controls volume, or seeks when pressed)
  • Saves prefs even if you shut down while winamp is running
  • Skins can now change the color of most of Winamp's dialogs (see dialogs.txt in Skins\DColor)
  • Shift-minimize minimizes to tray
  • Plug-in name caching
  • Modeless prefs box, skin selector, about box
  • Better filetype registration. With unregistration, and individual extension selection
  • Win98/IE4 taskbar support
  • added /config=file.ini (path optional) switch.
  • fixed some region related bugs
  • Apply works as expected in prefs now! :)
  • Nitrane MP3: totally new decoding engine with support for MMX, 3DNow! and more.
  • Removed MIDI/CDDA plug-ins temporarily (coming back soon when we get them working better)
  • MOD player: sorta buggy right now so we're not including it in this release. Wait for 1.92-sp1

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