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VirtualBox 1.6.6


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VirtualBox 1.6.6  Change Log

  • VMM: ?xed excessive logging (bug #1901)
  • VMM: AMD-V stability ?xes (bug #1685)
  • GUI: added support for Ctrl+Caps reversed keyboards (bug #1891)
  • SATA: ?xed BSODs of Windows guests on a SATA disk (bug #1941)
  • SATA: ?xed hard disk detection on Solaris 10 U5 (bug #1789)
  • VBoxHeadless: don’t start the clipboard service (bug #1743)
  • VBoxHeadless: added -vrdp parameter which allows to start the VM session without VRDP (bug #1960)
  • VBoxManage: ?xes to creating raw disk/partition VMDK ?les, now accepts removable media on Windows (bug #1869)
  • VRDP: ?xed communication with MS Remote Desktop Connection on Mac OS X (bug #1337)
  • VRDP: clipboard ?xes (bug #1410)
  • VRDP: ?xed crash during PAM authentication (bug #1953)
  • Shared Folders: ?xed a regression introduced in version 1.6.2: the shared folders service was sometimes not properly installed (Windows guests only, bug #1915)
  • Shared Folders: don’t deny to load a VM if a shared folder is not accessible (bug #822)
  • BIOS: allow to specify empty DMI strings (bug #1957)
  • OSE archive: added missing Make?les (bug #1912)
  • Linux hosts: workaround for buggy gcc-4.3 compilers (e.g. openSUSE 11)
  • Linux hosts: one more ?x for compiling the kernel modules on Linux 2.6.27 (bug #1962)
  • Mac OS X hosts: shared folders unicode ?x
  • Solaris hosts: ?xed link issue (bug #1840)
  • Windows additions: allow to downgrade the package
  • Windows additions: ?xed corrupted installer icon on Windows 2000 (bug #1486)
  • Windows additions: ?xed bug when creating intermediate directories (bug #1870)
  • Windows additions: implemented /xres=, /yres= and /depth= switches for the installer (bug #1990)
  • Linux additions: properly unregister the misc device when unloading the kernel module
  • Linux additions: ?xed startup order for recent Linux distributions again (e.g. openSUSE 11)
  • Linux additions: attempt to ?x the autostart issue of !VBoxClient with Mandriva guests (bug #1699)
  • Linux additions: ?xed detection of patched Linux 2.6.18 kernels of RHEL5 / FC6 / CentOS 5.2 (bugs #1899, #1973)
  • Linux additions: added new mount ?ags dmode, fmode, umask, dmask and fmask allowing to override the ?le mode (bug #1776)
  • Documentation: added a note that jumbo frames don’t work (bug #1877)
  • Documentation: document special host interface names on openSUSE11 (bug #1892)

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