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uTorrent 2.0.2


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uTorrent 2.0.2  Change Log

Release Notes

  • uTP performance and TCP rate control have been greatly improved!
  • BEP22 has been fixed
  • Access denied problems should be virtually non-existent
  • 2010-05-13: Version 2.0.2 (build 19648)
    • Change: disable net.calc_overhead by default to improve speeds for users with low caps
    • Change: Sharper help graphic
    • Fix: fixed crash while adding torrents - if more than 100 are added concurrently it will be done silently
  • 2010-04-23: Version 2.0.1 (build 19248)
    • Change: bypass Windows system cache while reading to avoid excessive memory uage
    • Fix: invalid header response on WebUI when an expired token or invalid request was sent
    • Fix: fixed crash when adding many torrents at once (above 350 they will be added silently)
  • 2010-04-16: Version 2.0.1 (build 19078)
    • Fix: installing on Vista/7 with UAC turned on
    • Fix: attempt to fix a rare crash
  • 2010-04-09: Version 2.0.1 RC2 (build 18973)
    • Change: prioritize downloading torrents even more than seeds when making new connections
    • Change: change default uTP packet size to 600 bytes
    • Change: Use new uTP header by default
  • 2010-03-30: Version 2.0.1 RC1 (build 18833)
    • Change: remove duplicate IPv6 peer connection fix


  • 2010-03-26: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18786)
    • Fix: crash with webseeds
  • 2010-03-24: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18758)
    • Change: default double click action is "Open Folder" for seeding torrents
    • Fix: eliminate duplicate connections to the same peer ID over different IPs
    • Fix: saving of column settings
  • 2010-03-23: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18723)
    • Fix: column size being 0, and invisible
    • Feature: complete_ago extension handshake
    • Feature: account for clock skew in delay measurements of uTP
    • Fix: fixed uTP packet size bug on local networks
    • Fix: fixed uTP fast-resend counter wrapping bug
    • Fix: fixed uTP advertised window size bug
    • Change: only close files that haven't been used for a while periodically (closing all files could interact badly with indexers)
    • Fix: dismissing pairing dialog is now interpreted as no. "no" is also the default button
    • Change: disable transparent graph legend by default
    • Fix: Fixed bug where Bandwidth Management checkbox sometimes didn't work
    • Feature: queueup/down/top/bottom commands for WebUI
  • 2010-03-02: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18408)
    • Fix: Fixed half-open limit on Windows 7
    • Fix: Fixed bug where uTorrent could freeze on broken web UI requests
    • Fix: Fixed bug in uTP header field layout
    • Feature: added advanced option to turn off uTP variable packet size
    • Feature: added advanced option to turn off discoverability (web integration)
    • Fix: uTP base delay bug fix and update interval tweaking
    • Fix: uTP timer stability fixes
    • Fix: calc_overhead bug
    • Change: Support hyperlinks in autoupdate dialog
    • Fix: Schedule map would show times that were "off" as grey in disabled view
    • Fix: "Not downloading" disconnects when remote peer had previously been a seed
  • 2010-02-19: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18284)
    • Fix: high CPU bug due to TCP and uTP connection race condition fix
    • Fix: issue where we would incorrectly report being as seed when using magnet links
    • Feature: Add option to render the legend as solid instead of transparent
  • 2010-02-17: Version 2.0.1 Beta (build 18244)
    • Fix: Make toolbar icons render nice on vista+
    • Feature: Add option to not report problems
    • Change: Make uTP packet size depend on global uTP rate instead of the rate of each individual connection
    • Feature: add detailed network overhead breakdown graph
    • Fix: UDP tracker peer list parsing
    • Change: increase allowed max packet size (fixes issue with torrents with more than 131000 pieces)
    • Change: increase the max number of AddTorrent windows from 5 to 20
    • Fix: BEP 22 would sometimes not kick in for new torrents
    • Feature: make initial uTP packet size configurable
    • Fix: Close download bar with hotkey
    • Feature: display overhead at status bar
    • Change: Do not count local overhead if local peers are not limited
    • Change: Count overhead for transfer caps
    • Feature: added legend to graphs
    • Feature: it's now possible to graph the tcp_rate_control rates
    • Fix: potential buffer overrun with mismatched langpack
    • Fix: enable apply button if changing scheduler
    • Change: Do not stop torrents when automatically shutdown
    • Fix: DHT would store duplicate peers for torrents
    • Feature: Added support for suggest piece messages (part of FAST extensions)
    • Fix: Potential bug when accessing the root directory of a URL
    • Fix: 'Cookie' setting in WebUI add-torrent-by-url works again
    • Fix: simultaneous uTP and TCP connection race condition

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