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Universal Extractor 1.6.1 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Universal Extractor 1.6.1  Change Log

* Added support for environmental variables (eg., specify %temp% for debug dir)
* Added support for XZ compressed files and txz/tlz archives via 7-Zip
* Added support for Windows Installer merge modules (.msm) via MsiX
* Added support for NBH files via NBHextract
* Added translations for Armenian, Czeck, Persian (Farsi), Serbian, Swedish
* Changed 7-Zip unpacking behavior;now attempts brute force extraction only after External PEiD scan;change due to aggressive .exe resource extraction in new versions
* Changed Windows installer support (.msi, .msp) to use MsiX instead of msi2xml
* Changed LZMA support to use 7-Zip for extraction
* Changed FEAD support to use PEiD rather than TrID for detection
* Changed following formats to call 7z by name (also see 7-Zip debug comment):bz2, chm, gz, tar, Z this is mostly for code cleanup; functionality should be the same
* Fixed InstallShield 5.x regression in 1.6 preventing successful extraction
* Fixed bug in extraction of non-TAR LZW compressed files
* Fixed bug that prevented picking files after toggling history option
* Fixed bug in display of history combo boxes when no items listed
* Fixed cosmetic bug in Visual C++ SFX status dialog
* Fixed cosmetic bug in status dialogs due to extra padding by AutoIt
* Removed lzma helper binary
* Removed msi2xml helper binary and MSXML download link on MSI selection page
* Removed Windows NT 4.0 support from installer
* Removed debug output for 7-Zip, arj, hlp; buffers output, preventing proper user feedback and input prompts
* Updated success/fail detection to check output directory timestamp; can detect cases where files are overwritten, which old method missed; will still consider failed if user chooses not to overwrite files, or if all files are written to a subdirectory of the output directory
* Updated RPM and DEB support to extract interim CPIO and TAR files
* Updated FEAD support to workaround read-only permission issue
* Updated Zip support to log unzip output and permit minor reported unzip errors
* Updated PEiD detection of Microsoft SFX cab files for more reliable extraction
* Updated some UniExtract window sizes for better internationalization support
* Updated translations for Italian, Korean, Russian
* Updated 7-Zip to 9.13 beta
* Updated AutoIt to and replaced deprecated _ArrayCreate UDF
* Updated InfoZip unzip to 6.0.0
* Updated Inno Setup to 5.3.9
* Updated innounp to 0.31 (supports Inno Setup 5.3.9)
* Updated InstallExplorer WCX to 0.9.2
* Updated MSI WCX to 1.2.1
* Updated PEiD to 0.95
* Updated UnRAR to 3.93

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