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SpeedFan 4.33


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SpeedFan 4.33  Change Log

4.33 - completely rewritten the detection and the identification strategy of ITE IT871xF
chips (fan readings are now ok)
- xAP support is now properly reenabled between sessions
- fixed context sensitive help (F1 key) on Windows Vista
- enabled, if needed, the SMBus on Intel ICH7 and ICH8-M
- added several checks to CPU usage routines, fixing a nasty issue where an error
window appeared once every second
- added full support for ATI SB600 SMBus
- added full support for Intel ICH9 SMBus
- added full support for nVidia MCP55 SMBus
- added sull support for ADT7475
- added nVidia Control Panel access to read video card temperatures
- supported the IT8716F and the IT8718F hardware monitor at unusual addresses
- added some SMB scan exceptions for Compal 08A0
- SMBus address $15 no longer scanned on AOpen i975Xa-YDG
- fixed an issue that caused the DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-DR Venus to power off on program
- added support for Fintek F71872F voltage readings
- IT8712F-J now uses two undocumented FAN DIVs
- speeded up Asus M2N32-SLI DELUXE program startup
- added detection of an unknown Fintek chip (to avoid false detection of other
sensors at the same address)
- W83627EHF and W83627DHG now properly show SMARTFAN III in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED
- W83627EHF and W83627DHG can now change PWM TYPE from PWM to DC in CONFIGURE /
- fixed FAN DIVISOR settings for Winbond W83791D
- added PWM OUT BASE CLOCK selection for WINBOND W83627DHG, W83627EHF and W83627EHG
- warning temperature can now be set as high as 125C in CONFIGURE

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