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SeaMonkey 2.8 Beta 1 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

SeaMonkey 2.8 Beta 1  Change Log

# Major Changes
* New Add-ons Sync engine (install the Add-ons Sync Prefs add-on to enable it in Preferences)
* Support for migrating from old profiles (before SeaMonkey 2.0) has been dropped.
# Fixes
* The Page Info Media tab includes information about video streams from video tags now.
* Saving the last download directory per site can now be disabled by creating a pref called and setting it to false.
* The profile path is now shown in Profile Manager tooltips.
* Middle-clicking the Go button opens a new tab now.
* Untitled Composer pages are now numbered.
* The account wizard allows to enter port information now.
* Message Filters feature a "Mark as unread" action now.
* DSPAM, Bogofilter and POPFile options have been added to "Trust junk mail headers set by".
* CPU load in the Download Manager UI during downloads has been reduced.
* View Source is now enabled for .eml files.
* It is now possible to import/save e-mail messages from .eml text files to folders.

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