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Rainlendar 2.1 Beta 35 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Rainlendar 2.1 Beta 35  Change Log

- Status and due date were missing in Outlook's tasks. Fixed.
- Changed the snooze and dismiss buttons to icons so that it's not necessary to translate them.
- Added title to all windows.
- Images and buttons can have tooltips.
- EventListHeaderSeparation was handled incorrectly in the old ini-files. Fixed.
- Offline files for network calendars got broken in b34. Fixed.
- The backup path can be changed with a command line argument.
- Reading categories from the skin is now optional (Options->Advanced->Show categories from the skin)
- Fixed scrollbar positioning when items are removed from the lists.
- New option: Options->Advanced->Keep alarm always on top
- Tooltip show delay is now configurable (Options->Advanced->Tooltip show delay).
- Added support for single and right click actions to the tray icon. Note that right clicks will disable the context menu.
- The traytip is shown always inside the screen area.
- Fixed window positioning problem with negative coordinates and the On Desktop feature enabled.

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