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PhraseExpress 9.0.146d  Change Log

# New features
* Windows 8 Compatibility
* Cloud support
* Password protection
* SQL Text Expander
* Multiple phrase files
* Simultaneous access to the same phrase file
* Improved program restrictions
* New Access restriction dialog
* Enhanced support for formatted text phrases
* Improved phrase selection menu
* Extended task tray menu
* Context Menu in the phrase selection popup
* Enhanced Calculation Macro
* New macro functions
* Chronological backup
# Additional Improvements
* Sorting of system folder items (clipboard cache, last used phrases) is now independent from the general settings and those elements are sorted by the time when they are added.
* The paste method is now customizable per target application to resolve incompatibility issues.
* TypoLearn now filters irrelevant manual corrections and won't learn a new typo item if you just enhance a written word (e.g. if you enhance the word "car" to "cars" (or vice versa).
* PhraseExpress can now remember the last used position of an input form.
* File paths to system folders are now customizable in the configuration file.
* Phrase file paths may now also contain Windows environment variables.
* PhraseExpress recognizes a write-protected configuration file and removes any settings option from the user interface to prevent operating errors.
* If a phrase is excluded from a particular target application, an associated hotkey becomes available for use in that target program.
* A progress bar is now shown for large data import actions which allows you to cancel such actions.
* There is no separate Stand-Alone Edition or Network Edition license key, allowing you to freely switch between both variations.
* Stand-Alone installations can now also be centrally registered with the PhraseExpress Server (which can act as a license-only server).
* The calendar date selector now remembers its last position on the desktop.
* The #formcombobox macro function allows to enter choice descriptions separate from the actual macro outputs.
* The separator now takes less space in the phrase selection menu.
* The status bar now shows many more information depending on the current program status.
* The accuracy of the text prediction feature has been increased.
* The macro function #insertfile now supports insertion of Microsoft Excel files.
* The macro function #focus now includes the parameter -windowstate allowing you to control the appearance of the window (full-screen/minimized/etc).
* Phrase files status can be updated by pressing F5 and all files are saved with the hotkey CTRL-S without closing the main program window.
* The QuickSearch has been optimized and now require fewer clicks to perform searches.
* Debug mode can now be easily activated by launching PhraseExpress while holding the SHIFT key.
* Clicking the phrase contents label enables a word and character count display.

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