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NSIS 2.22


NSIS 2.22 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

NSIS 2.22  Change Log

Minor Changes

* Fixed context menu not disappearing when moving from instfiles page (bug
* Fixed WinVer.nsh's detection of Windows 98 and ME (reported on the forum)
* Fixed WriteUninstaller failure to overwrite read-only uninstallers (bug
* Licensed lzma under CPL with a special exception, instead of LGPL
* Minor documentation updates and fixes (including bug #1584618, bug
* Updated comments in MUI examples (bug #1595500)

New/Changed Commands

* Added 'highest' option for RequestExecutionLevel


* Added Uzbek translation
* Fixed corruption in Lithuanian (bug #1602673)
* Minor Breton fixes
* Slovenian corrections (patch #1590108)

Build System

* Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express support
* SCons requirement upgraded to 0.96.93

NSIS 2 Builds

NSIS Comments

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