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Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 5  Change Log

# [NEW] Made some changes to how we allow third party software to integrate with Firefox in order to prevent crashes.
# [NEW] This beta is available in more than 70 languages - get your local version.
# More than 100 bug fixes from the last beta to improve performance, stability, security and features.
# The ability to run scripts asynchronously to speed up page load times.
# Users can now change their browser's appearance with a single click, with built in support for Personas.
# Firefox 3.6 will alert users about out of date plugins to keep them safe.
# Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports poster frames.
# Support for the WOFF font format.
# Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and startup time.
# Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies.

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