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Mozilla Application Suite 1.7.10 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Mozilla Application Suite 1.7.10  Change Log

  • MFSA 2005-56  Code execution through shared function objects
  • MFSA 2005-55 XHTML node spoofing
  • MFSA 2005-54 Javascript prompt origin spoofing
  • MFSA 2005-52 Same origin violation: frame calling top.focus()
  • MFSA 2005-51 The return of frame-injection spoofing
  • MFSA 2005-50 Exploitable crash in InstallVersion.compareTo()
  • MFSA 2005-48 Same-origin violation with InstallTrigger callback
  • MFSA 2005-46 XBL scripts ran even when Javascript disabled
  • MFSA 2005-45 Content-generated event vulnerabilities

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