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Miro 5.0


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Miro 5.0  Change Log

* New features
- (all) dual audio files
- (all) Download Vimeo HD videos, if available
- (all) Miro needs a "currently playing" shortcut
- (all) device enhancements meta ticket
- (all) don't convert videos when they don't need to be converted to work on the device
- (all) device fill maximum level setting
- (all) auto-sync setting
- (all) fill remaining space
- (all) when items expire out of Miro, expire them off synced devices
- (all) Update the Global Preferences panel General tab
- (all) Add a context menu to allow setting the Video Kind metadata field
- (all) In-app donation requests
* Bug fixes
- (all) Can't change view in app while videos are migrating to new storage.
- (all) Miro Says "Movies directory gone" no way to recover.
- (all) preference panel tabs get translated at import
- (all) better emusic support
- (OS X) Update stuff in Miro binary kit
- (Linux and Windows) expanding folder should not select folder
- (Linux and Windows) (4.0.1 - 90022384) keep button during playback
- (Linux) Unknown Extension options: 'runtime_dirs'
- (all) show version and git sha in titlebar in dev mode
- (Windows) No support for RTL and complex scripts in subtitles
- (Windows) miro does not recognize changes in proxy configuration
- (Linux) Debian bug report: Scary exception: ImportError: No module named xinerenderer
- (all) highlight enter device area when dragging an item onto any part
- (all) syncing progress bar fixes
- (Windows) "erno 13, permission denied"
- (all) Circle position slider does not allow precision skipping
- (OS X) migration dialog gets half hidden on osx
- (all) Various files are executable although they don't need to be
- (all) play/pause/play sequence from item context menu restarts from beginning
- (all) Mac binary kit installation install stuff into /Applications
- (all) move infoupdater and friends from widgets to portable
- (all) rhythmbox can't disconnect from miro share
- (all) find_next_item IndexError: pop from empty list
- (all) always round down instead of up for odd dimension handling
- (all) Auto-download option selector works in wrong order
- (all) device syncing: files with the same filename overwrite each other
- (OS X) AttributeError: 'ContinuousDrawableButton' object has no attribute 'releaseInBounds'
- (all) miro handles malformed HEAD request badly
- (all) Skip connect error test when on a proxy
- (all) Download from url queue gets deleted if Miro is closed.
- (all) 4.0.3 Unknown Error at Startup
- (all) DatabaseConstraintError: signal_change() called on non-existant object
- (all) code cleanup: nuke
- (all) Vimeo "likes" are not downloaded
- (all) Crash: ObjectNotFoundError during watched folder updates
- (all) TrackItems is slow on startup
- (OS X) Crash in get_enabled_audio_track
- (all) Customized user agent for miro guide in app store
- (all) YouTube videos with only FLV resource fail to download
- (all) crash: bad conversion from unicode to str
- (Linux) Exception when calculating the result for the progress bar
- (Linux) Ubuntu 11.10 conversion fail... -strict experimental switch in wrong place... easy fix?
- (all) it is not possible to add any item to a Playlist.
- (all) max connections setting seems broken
- (all) Can't stream sharing items
- (all) Exception when reordering playlists.
- (all) failing unit tests
- (all) Search thumbnails not invalidated properly when a new search is performed
- (Linux) GTK segfault, possible refcount error
- (all) in on_new_metadata KeyError: u'fake-volume-E'
- (all) in add_video IndexError: list index out of range
- (Windows) in get_variable OperationalError: database is locked
- (Windows) in do_button_release_event AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'button'
- (Windows) in copy_subtitle_file File "shutil.pyc", line 47, in copyfile
- (OS X) edit file (video) no Ok buttom in some languages
- (all) Preferences dialog: The "Close" button is in English for all languages in Miro 5.0-rc2 (de6acfba)
- (all) IntegrityError: column path is not unique

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