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Macromedia Flash Player (Non-IE Browsers)  Change Log

Fixes in Flash Player 10.2

Jira bugs

  • [FP-1760] Passing dates from Java to Flex causes a 1 hour time difference. (2200268)
  • [FP-3312] Unable to load external unicode file names in consistent manner across browsers IE vs. Plugin. (2499705)
  • [FP-6054] Artifacts with tiled bitmaps when resize the browser to make the scale factor less than 1
  • [FP-5866] beginBitmapFill drawing issue: Unexpected white line is shown
  • [FP-5851] For both the getServiceLocations request and the GetSettings request, the namespaces are being stripped out of the request (sibling elements) when creating request object with FlashPlayer 10.2
  • [FP-5892] It causes blank video content to disable Hardware acceleration.
  • [FP-6005] Google Street View exits Full Screen mode without user requesting
  • [FP-5935] Video RENDER_STATE can't returns to "accelerated" on StageVideo when it switch on/off stage video
  • [FP-5895] Sound echos twice in some games with Flash 10.2 at
  • [FP-5870]  Windows Only.  Flash video applets exit fullscreen when another applications status changes (WLMail checks for emails for example)
  • [FP-5863]  Mac Only. Cloud Connect Viewer Enterprise Edition displays blank content after moving thumb
  • [FP-5857] Embedded Object could not show up on page
  • [FP-5725]  Mac Only. Flash Player does not respond to NPCocoaEventKeyDown
  • [FP-5765] SWF file cannot be loaded in all players at, which was created by Invender Catalog Maker
  • [FP-5730] iSight webcam inbuilt on Mac OSX no longer delivers camera feed when Google Talk is installed (Injection)
  • [FP-5741] SWF file published by Captivate 5 cannot get played properly, and the window turns black and nothing happens
  • [FP-5681] Vectors of non-built in classes prevent SWFs from unloading causing memory leaks.
  • [FP-5432] Keyboard events are not locked into the player causing the browser to scroll the window only when GPU rendering is enable in the browser
  • [FP-5418] Speed test page from vonage fails to render at
  • [FP-4773] Debug Player Error Popup Gets Stuck in Safari
  • [FP-5416] Facebook game bubble paradise does not respond to mouse clicks when selecting the game level
  • [FP-5400] Text on website was replaced by "null"
  • [FP-5177] Flash will parse wrong xml as correct and can't find out illegal XML content.
  • [FP-4945] Multitouch doesn't seem to be working in Full screen mode.
  • [FP- 943] Link event doesn't get dispatched for embedded text when textfield or container is moving (animation)
  • [FP-4939]  Mac Only.  If the SWF is get loading when the browser window is hidden, the SWF could not get drawn
  • [FP-4909] Memory Leak: Can't unload SWF with CFF Fonts after they are used as TextBlock content
  • [FP-4751] Video playback is gone when exiting full screen if playing back an html embedded Flash video with width and height that's equal the screen resolution
  • [FP-3312]  Unable to load external unicode file names in consistent manner across browsers (IE vs. Plugin)
  • [FP-3342]  ATOK IME menu overlaps, obscures text field
  • [FP-694, FP-1760]  Date.toString() returns wrong string representation for some dates of Brasilia Time Zone when DST is on on Windows and Mac 

Macromedia Flash Player 10 Builds

Macromedia Flash Player Comments

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