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KeePass Password Safe 1.09  Change Log

Changes from 1.08 to 1.09:

New Features:

  • Added option to permute passwords generated using a pattern (this allows generating passwords that follow complex rules).
  • Added ability to specify custom character sets in password generation patterns.
  • Implemented new URL opening method (as workaround for buggy Firefox file handler registration on some systems).
  • Documents can now be opened using cmd:// URLs (shell execute).
  • Added support for CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE clipboard format (clipboard viewers/extenders compliant with this format ignore data copied by KeePass).
  • Improved window position/size/state handling (added support for Win+M / \'Show Desktop\' command, window managers, ...).
  • Improved window positioning (PX=0/PY=0 works now).
  • Added -readonly command line switch; if present, the database will be opened in read-only mode.
  • Added ability to specify the characters a TAN can consist of.
  • KeePass now stores the user and machine name in .lock files, so it can show who\'s currently editing the file when trying to open a locked file.
  • Added support for subitem infotips in various list controls (languages list, export options, plugins, ...).
  • Added support for toggling items in option lists by pressing the Spacebar key.
  • Installer can now associate .kdb files with KeePass.
  • The password generator now remembers the last used settings (even if they are not saved manually as a profile).
  • Network administrators: cascading configuration model now uses a separate enforced configuration file.
  • Improved configuration saving/loading (improved behavior under Windows Vista when using the installer, improved out of the box support for installation by admin / usage by user, better limited user account handling, ...).
  • Added pattern placeholder \'S\' to generate printable 7-bit ASCII characters.
  • Added pattern placeholder \'b\' to generate brackets.
  • Added quick key file accessibility test in the password dialog (shows helpful system message on error).
  • Temporary files are now named randomly.
  • The password generator dialog is now shown in the Windows taskbar if the main window is minimized to tray.
  • KeePass now offers to open the help file when importing a CSV file fails.
  • The \'About\' dialog is now automatically closed when clicking an hyperlink.
  • Expired/used TAN entries are not shown in the expired entries dialog any more.
  • Expired entries are not shown any more in the auto-type entry selection dialog.


  • Improved password generator profile management (UI).
  • KeePass now shows a descriptive system error message if executing a cmd:// URL fails.
  • Improved text in password generator window to allow easier translation.
  • Changed password pattern placeholders to support ANSI.
  • \'-\' is now treated as TAN character by default, not as separator any more.
  • The main window title now shows \'File - KeePass Password Safe\' instead of \'KeePass Password Safe [File]\'; improved tooltip text for tray icon.
  • Unhiding the master password now requires unsafe operations permission.
  • After searching, the first entry is automatically selected (but the quick-search box still has the focus).
  • The option to automatically open the last database is enabled now by default.
  • Database is now marked as modified when generating a password.
  • Minimizing to tray is now enabled by default.
  • Renamed some menu commands to be more consistent with Windows.
  • Removed duplicate message box that appeared when checking for updates and a new version is available.
  • Removed deprecated API exports; new API must be used by plugins from now on.
  • Main window does not move any more when trying to go below the minimum size.
  • UI now mostly follows the Windows Vista UI text guidelines.
  • Improved high ANSI characters support in command lines.
  • Improved installer (added start menu link to the CHM help file, publisher information, ...).
  • KeePassLibC: Improved 64-bit compatibility.
  • The expired entries dialog is not shown any more when the database is unlocked because of a global auto-type operation.
  • \"Tray/Untray\" menu item is now correctly disabled when a dialog is open.
  • \'New\' and \'Open\' menu commands are now also enabled when the workspace is locked.
  • Unified dialog elements.
  • Decreased executable file size.


  • Fixed various problems that occured when KeePass was minimized to tray (\'--exit-all\' not working, problems at Windows shutdown, IPC problems, ...).
  • Fixed a bug in the tray icon third-party component that could leave an unresponsive button in the Windows task bar.
  • The tray icon does not freeze any more when the Windows workspace is locked.
  • Fixed various drawing bugs that occured when disabling the \'Display images on buttons\' option.
  • The button tooltips in the password generator dialog are translated correctly now.
  • The hot key to bring the KeePass window to front now also works when the \'Disable all auto-type features\' option is enabled.
  • KeePass now selects the correct group when navigating to a group after performing a search.
  • Jumping to an entry from the expired entries dialog now also works correctly when unlocking a database.
  • The password list is now updated correctly after drag&dropping entries into another group (view restoration).

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