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Kaspersky Antivirus Beta  Change Log

14930 When tracking PDM places files into All Users
22730 Parental Control black list is broken
23217 ODS, GUI: user created tasks for ODS are not remembered
23237 Profiles do not switch in Parental Controls
23321 Incorrect balloon displayed when sites are blocked by Parental Control
23338 Need to move localization strings into the loc files
23428 Suspending protection does not work
23467 Placement of text in the window (see attach)
23549 RUS: profiles of parental control not localized
23576 Installing on 2k - causes an error to be displayed
23581 The message about switching parental profiles not localized
23583 The text in the activation window (see attach)
23609 After restart user created update tasks disappear
21031 Outlook 2007 RTM warns, that PST file was not closed correctly
21663 SUPPORT: Outlook does not unload correctly
22866 Incorrect display of GUI when adding another user account
22868 Incorrect GUI display when adding an already existing user account
23540 PDM: crash when stopping Application Verfication
23566 Unknown error of the graphical interface
23602 The current profile is not displayed on the main window
23615 Missing the function "Clear All" in the parental control
23637 44build: BSOD on Sony notebook
23246 Settings are auto restored after policy application, when the components not fully installed
23508 SUPPORT: KLeaner: installing WKS 6 removed NetAgent
23614 AS: Warning message about inaccessible folder for spam training (Outlook 2007)
22046 Checkbox Express Install can be checked only by highlighting it
22734 7-18: ODS, Crash during MyComputer scan on notebook
22896 Hidden data sending is not working correct under vista x64
23147 If in the profile settings the profile is blank, than it remains this way
23272 The system user account is assigned as "Child" by default
23381 Parental control does not block sites by links
23388 Parental control block does not block with meta keywords.
23392 Anti-Banner: broken hueristics
23485 Parental control should not track system accounts
23543 KLeaner: product removal is broken
23566 Unknown error of the graphical interface
23652 Product crash when opening product settings
23687 Hidden data sending and Protected Storage access under WinXP64 is not picked up
23734 7-45, GUI: Crashes trying to configure PDM
17512 Vista_LOGO_ case_12
22287 Express Install: the data is not imported from previous version
22824 Impossible for KAV to work when infected with
22944 Install cause impossibility to logout, the product hangs
23251 The parental control does not start when OS starts
23272 System User account is assigned a "Child" by default
23561 Incorrect string of text is used in the main window
23612 Parental control broken
23622 Incorrect indentificator on the button
23629 Parental control subsystem misses the first two connect attempts
23652 Product crashes when settings are opened
23653 The password for parental control profiles cant be set
23689 Incorrect counting logic of websites
23733 x64: Crash of WinDbg during Upgrade on build 621
23734 7-45, GUI: Crashes during PDM configuration
23742 Incorrect password import (build 621) - PIW does not complete
23762 Parental control on Vista64 does not work
22512 The password prompt window remains open during an SSL enabled scan and emails of MSOutlook
23515 Whitemark on the installer (first window)
23639 ThreatWizard does not save "Delay Handling" upon reboot
23738 Firewall: Slow network traffic checking in mode "Maximum Protection"
23754 Updater:Proxy settings are not utilized correctly.
23784 Accounting for the same keyfiles used on the sam LAN segment
23833 Updater: proxy authorization is broken
22287 Express Install: data is not imported correctly
23518 Checkbox status "Enable Self-Defense" not reflecting the correct behavior
23588 Winpackage does not work under Vista 64-bit.
23759 PDM, AIC: If the launch is blocked, then no need to track application changes
23829 Product hanged while working with MS Outlook
23839 Updater: Saving authorization username/password does not work for proxy servers
21487 RegMonitor: Impossible to create registry rules with "somethig???somethig"
22727 GUI: The settings windows always open on the "Protection" tab
23484 GUI: For ODSTask the skin is differen than other components
23643 ThreatWizard does not look good when there are no threats present
23702 The word "Profiles" does not fit on the main parental control window
23838 Strange error when activating with a code
23845 Updater: The newsflash only appear after the product restart.
23851 50, GUI: Alerts look rather strange
23735 During Upgrade the checbox "disable external service control" becomes unchecked
23839 Updater: The password save option does not work for a proxy server
23700 (VISTA) System hangs upon Upgrade over build 621
23733 x64: crash in WinDbg upon Upgrade over build 621
23828 meta keywords are not checked and links on the non-default pages
23837 Impossible slowdowns while surfing the WEB-Sites
23847 49, PDM: Cryptor Analysis broken
23871 The main-default page is not requested
23889 Anti-Spam: crash when choosing an alternative account in Outlook in Training Wizard
23896 Hueristics is broken in parental controls

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