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jetAudio 8.0.6


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jetAudio 8.0.6  Change Log

New Audio plugins

  • M4A reader : AAC, ALAC(Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
  • AIF, AU/SND reader : PCM
  • Wave64 reader : PCM
  • TAK reader : Tom's Lossless Audio
  • OFR reader : OptimFROG

Support 48KHz when converting audio
Support multichannel when converting audio files

  • WVP, WAV, OGG, TTA, FLAC encoders support multichannel

 Supoort multichannel when converting video -> audio
When converting videos, choose one of WAV, FLAC, OGG formats
Can edit tag for M4A format
Fixed WavPack encoder bitrate setting
Fixed OGG decoder for multichannel audio
Fixed MOD decoder for unicode file name
Fixed color adjust when using EVR
Fixed other minor bugs

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