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ImgBurn  Change Log

* Added: The program now identifies that you might be building an OS installation disc before scanning the directory structure in a similar way to that used for DVD Video etc. (i.e. if you add a single folder to the source box it will look for an I386 folder within it).
* Added: Code to try and detect HD DVD and BD Video files in the 'Source' box within Build mode in the same way the program currently detects DVD Video files.
* Added: If you hold down 'CTRL' when clicking the 'Image Information' button, the program will do a dummy decode pass on any audio files that make up that image to get an accurate duration rather than using DirectShow's GetDuration() function.
* Added: Current LBA to the log entry when buffer recovery kicks in.
* Added: You can now double click the layer break list entries to preview them.
* Added: Support for 'MPA' as a known file extension for Audio files.
* Added: Code to detect and warn about audio files that decode to digital silence.
* Added: 'Show Information' option to make the ImgBurnPreview program show the information window automatically.
* Added: New 'Drop Zone' for Build and Write modes. You can drag and drop folder/files to the 'stay on top' window without having to bring ImgBurn to the foreground all the time.
* Added: Support for writing unicode names into MDS files and a new 'Create MDS - Save As Ansi File' option to go with it.
* Added: New 'Don't Prompt Delete Files' option (with Yes/No answers) to the Write tab in the settings.
* Added: New 'Show Real Size (1:1)' option for the previewer.
* Added: New 'Don't Use Immediate I/O' option to the I/O tab in the settings.
* Added: New 'Prevent Entering StandBy' option. When enabled, ImgBurn will attempt to stop the machine going into standby whilst it's burning.
* Added: Workaround for Plextor PX-116A3 (FW 1.01) returning a single descriptor in the Formatted TOC.
* Added: Detection of x64 versions of Vista.
* Added: Support for patching the '\isolinux\isolinux.bin' file in Build mode with the correct 'boot information table' data.
* Added: Option to not auto retry when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
* Added: Additional error messages to the code that deals with loading CUE files.
* Added: When the close track/session/disc commands fail, you're now given Abort/Retry/Ignore options in the message box rather than just Retry/Cancel.
* Added: BenQ 'Clean EEPROM (Learnt Media)' option to the Advanced Settings windows.
* Added: Choice of 'None' for the 'Shutdown Action' option in the settings - for people that click 'Shutdown when done' accidently and don't want it to do anything when they do.
* Added: Additional logging when erase disc fails on CD-RW/DVD-RW/HD DVD-RW media.
* Added: Additional error messages and logging to code the deals with analysing audio files.
* Added: Option to automatically ignore failures when the close track/session/disc commands fail.
* Added: Improved detection of DVD/HD DVD/BD Video content when detecting conflicting settings in build mode.
* Added: Automatic creation of the 'CERTIFICATE' folder on Blu-ray Video disc in the same way the program automatically creates the AUDIO_TS folder on DVD Video discs.
* Added: Support for (a version of) relative paths within MDS files.
* Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature will now store the relative path (assuming images are in a folder below the MDS) in the MDS rather than just the file name.
* Added: The disc information text on the right of the main window now contains the 'Physical Format' information for each layer on double layer media.
* Added: The 'Create DVD MDS File' feature now has the ability to specify the Track Path for a double layer image (PTP or OTP).
* Added: Regardless of the number of (silent) retries performed when attempting to lock the drive for exclusive access (it normally does 10), if it's been trying for more than 30 seconds the program will error out just as soon as it regains control.
* Added: Media profiles for DVD-5 and DVD-9 to Build mode (useful for mastering).
* Added: Detection of BD Video content based on the BDAV folder (rather than just BDMV)
* Added/Changed: When setting the media type for the directshow conversion, the program now falls back to using WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE if WAVE_FORMAT_PCM fails. This means filters that don't support WAVE_FORMAT_PCM should now work.
* Changed: The 2 leftmost buttons (ignore and preview) on the select/create layer break windows now dynamically resize/reposition themselves base on their caption. (This is better for translated text)
* Changed: When setting write parameters, the 'Write Type' no longer uses fall backs - this was very messy and caused its own set of problems.
* Changed: Workaround for when DS filters (or the libs they use) don't like SetPosition(0) when they're already at the start - issuing it can lead to missed audio samples.
* Changed: The 'Temporary' booktype option no longer falls back to displaying the 'Permanent' setting if it's not supported.
* Changed: Removed one set of calls to the 'Init DirectShow' function that would happen just before a dummy decode pass was run on the audio files - so it's a bit quicker now.
* Changed: Updated ImgBurnPreview to v1.1.6.0.
* Changed: Verify won't go ahead if the drive reports the track contains 0 sectors - otherwise the program would generate dummy data for the entire thing and that's 110% pointless!
* Changed: Max buffer size is now 512MB.
* Changed/Fixed: Made tweaks to ACM MP3 file parsing code to make it more reliable when searching for the frame header and to prevent a potential divide by zero error.
* Changed/Fixed: Image/Media Information window is closed if the program fails to initialise the image.
* Changed/Fixed: When building an OS installation disc, the DOS character set is now used and not ASCII.
* Changed/Fixed: Improved support for writing Mode 2 tracks in TAO mode.
* Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround drives reporting first track in a session starting before the actual session.
* Changed/Fixed: Attempt to workaround decoded files that fall short of their estimated durations and cause any trailing/appended pregaps ('INDEX 0' markers in a CUE file) to mess up the internal image layout - which then leads to an error when sending the cue sheet to the drive at burn time.
* Changed/Fixed: When Previewing a Cell for the LB, the audio stream is no longer forced to 0x80, the program takes the number from the IFO.
* Changed/Fixed: The 'Create DVD MDS File' function always made MDS files with the Track Path set to PTP.
* Fixed: Removed the very well camouflaged button in the booktype window.
* Fixed: Drive related buttons being enabled when no devices are present if you perform certain operations.
* Fixed: What I believe to be a bug when trying to determine if a single source folder was anything to do with a BD video disc.
* Fixed: The total count of file/folder names modified due to current settings wasn't 100% accurate due to the file name comparison not being case sensitive.
* Fixed: Bug converting sector mode/form/size to an internal data type.
* Fixed: Some odd issue when decoding certain letters (character codes) within CD-TEXT data on a disc or in a *.cdt file. (It would display a square box for the letter)
* Fixed: WavPack files were not being decoded during burning, they were being read as if they were PCM/RAW audio files.
* Fixed: Incorrect 'Last Physical Sector of Data Track' value within MDS files for OTP discs.
* Fixed: Aborting on an error during the audio file analysis stage didn't actually abort anything and having aborted, the error condition meant that future analysis wasn't carried out.
* Fixed: Potential problem where ImgBurn might check for updates more often than it should do because the 'last update check' value isn't parsed correctly due to regional settings.
* Fixed: The 'Write Queue' window wasn't being close when going between 'Write -> Read' or 'Write -> Ez-Mode Picker' modes.
* Fixed: When converting the volume label from one file system to another (or applying a CLI specified one), the resulting name could turn out to be shorter in length than actually permitted.
* Fixed: Problem where 'DecodedSize == 0' error could appear when DirectShow decoding failed and ACM worked.
* Fixed: Building a DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Video disc didn't work properly if the files were in the root folder of a drive and the root folder was added to the 'Source' list.
* Fixed: Odd looking configuration message if a root folder was added to the 'Source' list in Build mode and the folder contained DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray files.
* Fixed: WMA Tag parsing wasn't working - messed up text strings due to reading them with the wrong byte order.
* Fixed: Incorrect values in 2nd layer descriptor within MDS for OTP discs.
* Fixed: ImgBurn not respecting 'Top' and 'Left' coordinates of the desktop (i.e. the area excluding the taskbar)
* Fixed: One rogue structure used when parsing the UDF file system was limiting the file size to 32 bits (DWORD), meaning any file over 4GB would have been displayed incorrectly size wise. (Only caused a problem when mapping sectors with errors to file names in Read/Verify mode)
* Fixed: Memory leak if dummy audio decoding pass fails.
* Fixed: Adding the content (files/folders) of a normal BDMV folder to the source box in Build mode didn't create the proper BD structure.

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