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Google SketchUp 8.0.3117  Change Log

* We've added the ability to pre-select a face when using the Push/Pull tool. The Push/Pull tool now behaves similarly to our other tools (e.g. Move), but be sure that you don't have an incorrect face selected prior to activating the tool.
* The Scenes dialog has been reworked to show scene thumbnails. The first time you open the Scenes manager with a pre-SketchUp 8 file, we generate thumbnails for all of your scenes. You can always stop this process or tell SketchUp never to generate thumbnails for that model.
* The timezone drop-down has moved from Model Info to the Shadow Settings dialog box. We've also added additional UTC offsets, including fractional hour offsets.
* We upgraded our API's Ruby interpreter from version 1.8.0 to 1.8.6, which is a better supported, more stable version. This gives API users the benefits of hundreds of Ruby bug fixes, but version 1.8.6 is also more strict on Ruby syntax. If a script is broken, you may need to contact the script's original author to get an upgraded version.
* The DWG and DXF import and export features now support 2010 versions of AutoDesk software.
* The Display shadows setting is now a button, not a checkbox. You can find it next to the timezone drop-down in the Shadow Settings dialog box.
* (Mac only) The Display shadows checkbox has been removed from the customized Shadows toolbar. You can get the same functionality by dragging the Shadows toggle separately to your customized toolbar.
* (Mac only) The Eraser and Zoom extents tools have been removed from the main toolbar. See this article for more information.
* (PC only) You can now save toolbar positions via the View > Toolbars > Save Toolbar Position menu item and then restore them via the View > Toolbars > Restore Toolbar Position menu item.

# The following notable issues have been fixed:

* The reported area of materials is now correct with scaled or internally rotated components.
* (PC only) Importing shortcuts on the PC now allows you to overwrite our defaults if you had changed them.
* (Mac only) Disabling Auto-activate paint tool now actually disables the auto-activation of the Paint tool.

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