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Flock 0.7.3 Beta


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Flock 0.7.3 Beta  Change Log

Bug fixes
- Photobucket sub-album and Flickr set browsing and uploading. Allow users to refine photos displayed in photobar by album.
- Several bug fixes for photobucket and flock integration

- Allow extensions that haven't been modified for flock to be installed. Users will be warned that the extension has not been tested with flock but will be allowed to proceed. Note that this feature has been partially available since 0.7.1. If you have installed unmodified extensions you will see a warning, "This update will cause some of your extensions and/or themes to stop working until they are updated.", during the upgrade which can be ignored.
- Spread flock feature. Allow flock users to opt into adding a flock tagline to photos dragged from the photobar or the from the desktop into a text area
- Setup (First Run) experience enhancements
- Bug fixes, better discovery of current configuration and UI treatments
- Added option to allow anonymous statistics to be gathered during initial setup. This will allow Flock to further streamline and simplify the setup experience.

- Added OPML export to My News
- Blog Editor fix for editing text in source view window
- Updated to use new API

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