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FastStone Image Viewer 2.5 Beta 4 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

FastStone Image Viewer 2.5 Beta 4  Change Log

* Add "Overlay (Right on Left)" button in "Compare Images" window, which helps to identify any slight difference between two images (Screenshot)
* Add "Compare in Full Screen" button in "Compare Images" window (Screenshot)
* Improve Scanner Support in "Scan Board" (press Alt+S). Now you can specify the DPI value of the scanner before scanning (Screenshot)
* Filename sorting now uses "Natural Sort". For example, the order of filenames in:
This version:
File1.jpg, File2.jpg, ... File10.jpg, File11.jpg
Previous version:
File1.jpg, File10.jpg, File11.jpg, ... File2.jpg
* Thumbnail Order is remembered when switching folders
* Add option to turn on / off the Preview window in Browser View (Screenshot)
* Support Image Tagging (in the "Tag" menu) (Screenshot).
o Now it is possible to tag through a large number of photos in full screen by pressing "\" key.
o You can filter out the untagged files and focus on (copy/move/edit/slideshow etc) the tagged ones only.
o Options of Image Tagging can be found in "Thumbnail" tab of the Settings (press F12). It can be disabled when option "Allow Image Tagging" is unchecked.
o Tag images in "Compare Images" window (press P key) (Screenshot)
* Fix minor bugs

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