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eMule 0.46c


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eMule 0.46c  Change Log

July, 24. 2005
  • Added support for MediaInfo DLL versions 0.6.1 and 0.7.x [Thx to Zenitram]
July, 22. 2005
  • Updated to zlib 1.2.3 because of security flaws in 1.2.2
July, 18. 2005

Unk: Fixed possible crash on malformed Kad packet.. (Kry)

Unk: Auto Kad bootstrap wasn't updated to work with eMule's Multipacket protocol. Fixed.

July, 16. 2005

Ornis: fixed bug (v0.46b) in using regular expressions as view filter in categories [thx kinmenalex]

July, 9. 2005

Ornis: fixed bug in checking for tempfolder when multiple folders were used, and a little splitterbar bug [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

Ornis: new and changed category incoming directories will now appear in the new shared files control

July, 8. 2005
  • The upload limit and capacity as well as the downloadlimit will now be set to unlimited by default
  • When the uploadcapacity is set to unlimited (0), USS will be automatically enabled to determinate the best uploadspeed
  • If using the prio default capacity (16KB), the new version will reset it (one time) to the new default unlimited

zz: UploadSpeedSense will at most raise speed 30 KBytes/s above current upload speed. This will prevent it from raising to very high limits if your client can't upload fast enough to reach the limit due to no clients in queue. zz: Bugfix+enhancement to the code that requests less of the file from slow download sources. Will now only activate this code if there's little enough left of the file to complete.

Ornis: Resizeable collection windows

Ornis: added some USS localisations

Unk: Some cpu fixes for Kad. (Kry)

Unk: Changed how we maintain contacts for kad.

Unk: Kad node lookup algo modified to use far less overhead with better results.

Unk: Collections were storing extra tags causing them to be "bloated".. Fixed.

July, 5. 2005

Ornis: fixed/improved downloading big files via webinterface

Ornis: fixed tiny memleak in the preferences/statistics dialog

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