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Emsisoft Anti-Malware  Change Log

- Includes a major signature cleanup that removes about 1 million no longer needed malware signatures. That reduces download size and memory footprint.
- Decreased the required init time for online updates.
- Improved license key handling and added support for Windows 2012 Server.
- Internal modifications of update system (closing GUI doesn’t break updates anymore).
- Problems in scheduler calculations used to evaluate the start time of auto-update and scheduled scans – fixed.
- Crash during scans in Security Setup Wizard – fixed.
- Several GUI fixes in freeware mode.
- Software/server communication issue – fixed.
- Improved restoration of modified registry values during cleaning.
- Problem with multiple reloading of signatures after online update – fixed.
- Crash when database location is changed – fixed.
- Scanned objects counter shows wrong number in Commandline Scanner – fixed.
- Added security measures to prevent a settings reset in case of a crash.
- Fixed a compatibility issue with the Surf Protection and Internet Explorer 10.
- Improved integrity check for settings file to avoid losing settings.
- Minor bugfixes.
- Bug in settings store system fixed.
- Changes to the help output of the Commandline Scanner.
- Changes to the quarantine submit system.
- Quarantine rescan on updates problem fixed.
- Bug when exporting custom host rules fixed.
- Wrong behavior of alert window when retrieving data from the anti-malware network fixed.

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