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BitTorrent 4.1.5


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BitTorrent 4.1.5  Change Log

Changes in this release:
  • Removed donation nagging
  • TCP Stack flaking out bug fixed, using Twisted
  • Controlsocket issues reduced
  • Global status light (stopped,running,firewalled)
  • Uses language based on Windows language settings
  • Vastly improved installer
  • Automatic XP firewall registration
  • External drag-and-drop of files (and URLs under GTK/X11 only)
  • Improved search box / upload slider GUI and layout
  • (Re)seeded torrents seed forever by default
  • Bug fix to time remaining display on (re)seeded torrents
  • Improved peer identification
  • Icon size/transparency fixes under Windows
  • Startup time on trackerless torrents greatly improved
  • Blank screen startup bug should be fixed
  • Numerous small bug fixes on Windows

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