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Avant Browser 11.7 Build 18 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 18  Change Log

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 18, Released 11.01.2008

* Fixed the bug where inputting key words in Goolge Toolbar brought up menus
* Fixed the bug keeping Ctrl+L from working
* Fixed the bug keeping some buttons from displaying in Floating Text Toolbar
* Fixed the bug where the color of the Nexos skin became darker after you
restarted the browser
* Fixed the bug where the address bar dropdown list screened the interface
of some programs
* Fixed the bug keeping the Enter key from responding to Open a Link window
* Fixed the bug keeping the address bar favicon from displaying for Google
* Fixed the bug where clearing temporary internet files caused history of
visited web sites to get deleted

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