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ALLPlayer 5.3


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ALLPlayer 5.3  Change Log

- mkv playback works properly with a soundtrack in FLAC format
- some MOV and MP4 files playback improved (it didn't work despite all the necessary codecs in the system)
- fixed problem with some mp3PRO files which showed the cover over the entire screen, instead of "in place"
- PlayList menu improved
- ALLUpdate program improved
- "Always on top" mode in no-ELITE improved
- "Always on top"mode by which the window pop-up messages was invisible and blocked ALLPlayer improved
- Additional information about the logs of codecs used by ALLPlayer in case a problem with opening a file (useful for testers) added
- Movie is still being played in case when there is no audio codec only
- after installing the new version it is not necessary to run ALLPlayer in order to switch off reminder of the new version as it was before

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