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Acrobat Reader 8.0


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Acrobat Reader 8.0  Change Log

Viewing, navigating, and searching
Beyond Adobe Reader window
At a glance, see the main features of Adobe® Reader® 8, and click links to start tasks, get Adobe news, or learn more about features.
Maximized work area
View PDFs in a new visual design for the work area, navigation pane, and toolbars. User interface elements have been removed to maximize space.
Customizable toolbars
Easily hide or show individual tools by right-clicking/Control-clicking a toolbar, or use the More Tools dialog box to customize toolbars.
Search enhancements
Find words or use advanced search tools, all from the same integrated toolbar. View search results in a floating, resizable panel. Search documents in a PDF package. 
Review and commenting
Acrobat Connect meetings
Access the real-time, web-based collaboration capabilities of Acrobat Connect (sold separately). Click the Start Meeting button to escalate from a document review to real-time communication with others over the Internet. Acrobat Connect uses Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional and a personal meeting room for screen sharing, audio and video conferencing, whiteboarding, and more. When you first click the Start Meeting button, you can create a free trial account. Each subsequent time, you go directly to your Acrobat Connect personal meeting room. (Acrobat Connect is not available in all languages.) 
Shared reviews
Participate in a shared review. Comments are stored on a central server, allowing all participants to see comments in real time. No extra server software is needed. Shared reviews work with a folder on a network server, a Windows SharePoint workspace, or a web folder on a web server. Comments are automatically retrieved, even if Adobe Reader® isn’t running, and can be added even when you are disconnected from the network. Notifications alert users that there are new comments. Comments from reviewers outside the firewall can be merged into the shared review. 
Review Tracker
Provides details about all active reviews. For shared reviews, details include the number of comments from a reviewer, the review deadline, server status, unread reviews, and a summary of updated shared reviews. 
Commenting and markup enhancements
View and accurately place callout and cloud markups as you apply them. The callout leader automatically moves as you position the callout. Selected comments are highlighted for easier visibility when zoomed out. Rotate stamps and select all tools from a single, integrated toolbar. 
Digital signatures
Roaming IDs
Enroll in a signing service where the server holds your private key. Authenticate to the server from Acrobat and allow the document to be signed with your credentials stored on the server.
Signature preview mode and conformance checker
Before signing, view the document content as it will appear after eliminating transparency, scripts, fonts, and other dynamic content that can alter a document’s appearance. Reader automatically runs the Document Integrity Checker, which now includes checking for Qualified Signatures conformance before entering signature preview mode. 
Certificate enhancements
Predetermine the signing certificate. Configure the chain model for certificate validation. 
Additional new features
FIPS mode
Version 8.1 of Reader provides a FIPS mode to restrict data protection to Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 approved algorithms using the RSA BSAFE Crypto-C 2.1 encryption module.
Microsoft Windows Vista™ support
Version 8.1 of Reader supports Windows Vista.
Installing Acrobat on 64-bit versions of Windows
Version 8.1 of Reader supports the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Digital Editions
Read and organize eBooks and other publications with Adobe® Digital Editions (a separate product). When you first click the Digital Editions menu item, you can download and install the Adobe Digital Editions software. After installation, choose Digital Editions to go directly to your Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf. 
Booklet printing
Print pages as a simple booklet, for example, 2-up, saddle-stitched. 
Printing over the Internet
Print documents to a FedEx Kinkos office in the United States. 
PDF packages
Easily extract documents from a package. Search and print the current or selected document, or all documents within the package.
Forms Tracker
Track the forms you fill out. 
2D Measurement tool enhancements
Measurement is recalculated if start or end points move. Measurements snap to lines, intersections, or corners.
Support for Acrobat 3D Version 8

Acrobat Reader 8 Builds

Acrobat Reader Comments

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