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ACDSee 3.1


ACDSee 3.1 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

ACDSee 3.1  Change Log

  • + Pane extension plug-in support allows pane extension plug-ins to run right inside the Browser window. These plug-ins will be made available through downloads and in future releases of the application.
  • + "Tip of the Day" feature
  • + Red-eye reduction in Photo Enhancer
  • + The [Change Timestamp] tool has been improved to allow you to set the timestamp on a file or group of files to any date and time.
  • + The [Rename Series…] tool now allows you to change a group of filenames to upper or lower case.
  • + New DC_Digita digital camera plug-in supports all FlashPoint Digita enabled digital cameras
  • + FotoCanvas : Deluxe version of Photo Enhancer photo editing software (Power Pack only)
  • + FotoAngelo : software and plug-in for creating photo slide shows and screen savers (Power Pack only)
  • + Read support for PS, EPS and PDF formats (Power Pack only)
  • + Read support for QuickTime still image codecs (Power Pack only)
  • + Read/write support for Adobe PhotoShop plug-in image format filters (Power Pack only)
  • + Read support for ARJ, CAB, TAR, TGZ, Z, GZIP, RAR, and UU archive formats, in addition to LZH and ZIP (Power Pack only)
  • + Create support for CAB, LZH, TAR, TGZ, UU and ZIP archive formats (Power Pack only)
  • + DFinder plug-in: Utility for finding and managing duplicate images and other files (Power Pack only)
  • + LightBox plug-in : Utility for visually rearranging and renaming photos by drag and drop (Power Pack only)
  • Toolbars support chevrons (allow access to buttons that are obscured when the window size is reduced)
  • A shortcut [Edit] button has been added to allow quick access to our Photo Enhancer and/or FotoCanvas editors. This button also provides a fully configurable drop down list of your other favorite image editor programs.
  • ACDSee can now be configured to start in the folder of your choice
  • JPEG decoding and encoding is up to 300% faster
  • Support for viewing TIFF Exif metadata, including embedded adio
  • Reads embedded thumbnail in TIFF and JPEG Exif images
  • Option to write embedded thumbnail in JPEG Exif images
  • [Save defaults] button in Options dialog replaced with "Save options" checkbox
  • !! Bug fixes
  • + New Plug-ins including: AOL ART format, DjVu format, True Type Fonts, ICN format, LuraTech LuraWave format, LuraTeach LuraDoc format, PaintShop Pro format, Red Storm Bitmap format, CX_AdjustLevels (batch level adjustment of images), CX_ContactSheet (generates thumbnail contact sheets), CX_Email (sends pictures by e-mail).
  • + Plays embedded audio in Exif JPEG files
  • + Customizable toolbars - right click and select [Customize...]
  • + [View | Layout Schemes] command for saving your favorite Browser pane/toolbar configurations
  • Option to group archives with folders in file list
  • Exception handling for plug-ins to prevent a plug-in crash from crashing ACDSee
  • Buttons to View and Delete InTouch messages
  • Automatic connection to InTouch server in the background
  • + Advertising space at bottom of Browser window in Trial Version
  • + Faster startup (esp. on Windows 2000)
  • !! Bug fixes

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