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mIRC 6.01


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mIRC 6.01  Change Log

  • Fixed MDI border display bug when windows are opened while mIRC is minimized.
  • Added visual styles dialog to display dialog.
  • mIRC no longer changes all paths/filenames to lower case.
  • Fixed notify list being lost if you used command line parameters in a shortcut icon to change the default ini filename.
  • Fixed /cnick -an bug.
  • Fixed IRCX support for MS servers.
  • Fixed $target bug in channel events.
  • Fixed $dns(N) always returning a value, even if N was invalid.
  • Fixed on NOSOUND event not triggering.
  • Added Show away in active window option to IRC dialog.
  • Added /editbox -o switch, applies to the second editbox in a channel window.
  • Extended $editbox(window,N), where N = 1 applies to second editbox in a channel window.
  • Channel Central and Folder dialogs are now closed only when you disconnect the connection on which the dialogs were opened.
  • Fixed /ignore -u bug multi-server support.
  • Fixed display of small buttons in finger/chat/find dialogs under XP.
  • Added irc:// link options to Catcher dialog.
  • Fixed password editbox in Lock dialog not allowing enough characters to be entered under XP.
  • The channel central dialog will now always popup centered over the channel window where it was called.
  • Added $cmdbox, returns $true if script was called from the command editbox in a channel.
  • The /fullname and /username commands now correctly update their settings before a connection is made.
  • Fixed dcc send/get/chat/fileserver timeout message bug.
  • Fixed $eval() bug when handling N parameter.
  • Fixed $hget() bug when .item or .data was specified with an out of range N value.
  • Fixed query window titlebar not displaying user address even if user was in IAL.
  • Fixed notify nickname hotlinks not working.
  • $disk(a:) no longer causes a windows dialog to pop up if there is no disk in the drive.
  • Fixed titlebar right-click option not working on desktop windows.
  • Fixed /whois away reply resetting $awaytime value.
  • Made DDE delay editbox width larger in options dialog.
  • Fixed /play not being cancelled if unable to play to nick/channel.
  • Fixed channel central ban list appearing in status window in some situations.
  • Local info server lookup method now holds on to any host or ip address that it has, even if the DNS lookup for that address failed. This means that if numeric 001 or a /whois or /userhost returns your IP, mIRC will use it even if it can\'t resolve your host from it.
  • Fixed Agent support in Sounds dialog.
  • Identd should again work for any external applications, not just for mIRC connections.
  • Menu items created by $submenu() can now call local -l aliases.
  • Fixed $sfile() titlebar text bug.
  • Switching between maximized windows no longer causes flicker.
  • Chat/query windows now only prevent you from closing a window if an incoming message appeared in the window, not your own typed message.
  • mIRC is now a bit more lenient with CTCP message formats.
  • $address now returns address of the server that sent the server message.
  • Fixed while loop break/continue bug.
  • Added /drawsave -bN switch, specifies number of bits.
  • Added -m switch to /draw commands, changes the stretch mode quality when a picture is resized.
  • /dcc get now over-rides the sort by nicks into own folder\r option in dcc folder items.
  • A /mode on join is no longer sent went joining a modeless +channel.
  • Added /dcc trust [-r] to add/remove items to dcc trust dialog, and $trust(N) to return items in trust list.
  • Fixed dcc send/get/chat timing out when system time changed.
  • Channel nicklists are now cleared after the on DISCONNECT event has been triggered on a disconnection.
  • Flash option for a highlight item now flashes continuously, whereas the sound is played only N times.
  • Can now use $opnick in on owner/deowner events again.
  • Fixed /server N gpf bug where N is a non-existent Nth server.
  • Fixed connection related gpf bug.
  • Fixed dcc send/get windows not showing ransfer incomplete in some situations when a transfer fails.
  • Improved /ignore /protect etc. handling of network/non-network specific addresses.
  • Added /server [-i nick anick email name] [-j #channel pass] switches, must be used after the server parameters.
  • Added User id from email address to identd dialog.
  • Fixed on close ? event triggering when status window is closed.
  • Fixed $sound() bug.
  • Fixed /whowas and /whois away message handling bug.

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