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mIRC 5.91


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mIRC 5.91  Change Log

  • Fixed $eval() bug.
  • Link control in custom dialogs triggers sclick event again.
  • Fixed $var() bug.
  • Fixed /channel display info bug.
  • Standardized on the word \'color\' in identifiers and commands, and in the help file.
  • For Undernet servers CHANTYPES is now set to #&+ by default.
  • Fixed install program always creating desktop shortcut icon.
  • Fixed mIRC taskbar icon being redisplayed in some situations after you\'ve minimized mIRC to the tray.
  • Fixed function keys not working in non-joined channel window if keep open switch is turned on.
  • Fixed tab completion not working with $? and $input properly.
  • Fixed /userhost not updating IAL.
  • Added ctcp and whois protection options, and queue op commands option, to Flood dialog.
  • Fixed window icon highlighting when switchbar is turned off.
  • Added support for numeric 005 NETWORK=name token (not supported by any servers at this time) which tells the IRC client the name of the IRC network it\'s connected to, eg. NETWORK=DALnet.
  • Fixed status window log filename not being updated when a new day begins and you have when the log by day option enabled.
  • /font can now handle quotes around font name.
  • Fixed Script Editor dialog 64k limit bug.
  • Fixed Info section not working in address book if you typed in a nick and pressed the ctcp ping, etc. buttons.
  • Fixed the way /dialog and $dialog() windows are centered around other windows.
  • Fixed numeric 433 triggering script twice if nickname in use.
  • Fixed dir -b not displaying bytes in fileserver.
  • Added Method and Notify list options to Nick color list Add dialog.
  • mIRC now supports servers that send a /names list which contains a full nick!id@host format in the reply, enables mIRC to fill the IAL on joining a channel (no servers do this yet, so this hasn\'t been tested).
  • Fixed fserve max cps feature not being turned off if set to zero.
  • Fixed $rand() behaviour.
  • Can now /filter blank lines by specifying $crlf for matchtext.
  • Added Use query for notify nicks option to IRC dialog.
  • Fixed switchbar right-click popup menu bug.
  • Fixed $readini() not handling filename enclosed in quotes.
  • When you have the keep channel open option enabled, mIRC now clears the nicklist if a channel window is open but not joined.
  • The listbox in the Control dialog is no longer sorted.
  • Fixed $regsub() not returning original text if there were no substitutions, and not handling backreferenced values correctly when global modifier is used.
  • /tokenize now correctly resets all $N to $null if no parameters are specified.
  • Can now use $style() in custom dialog menu definitions.
  • Added Up/down buttons to Control dialog to allow re-arranging of listbox entries.
  • Fixed Control+H scroll bug.
  • Improved the way $null is handled in scripts.
  • mIRC now reroutes text to the status window if it can\'t display text in the current window, eg. a picture @window.
  • Added $window().ontop property.
  • Fixed Line marker bug when text buffer reached maximum buffer size in Options/General dialog.
  • Fixed font size bugs, relating to positive/negative font sizes, in /font, $width(), $height, $wrap(), /drawtext, /window, etc.
  • Fixed $readini() bug when used without the -n switch.
  • Added Blink icons option to Display dialog, blinks switchbar icons for channel/query windows if there\'s a message/highlight event, or a flash event.
  • Fixed !$identifier not prefix bug.
  • Fixed editbox bug in 16bit mIRC under win3.x.
  • Added /drawrect [-d] x y w h [w h], draws rounded rectangle, must specify width and height of ellipse used to draw corners.
  • Notify no longer triggers on a nick change if nick has only changed case.
  • Added monitor file changes option to Editor dialog.
  • $count() can now handle multiple substrings.
  • Added $+(n1,...,nN) identifier, combines parameters.
  • Added /hadd -uN, unsets item after N seconds, and /hsave -u, by default /hsave excludes items that are in the unset list, -u forces it to include the unset items.
  • Dcc Chat/Get windows are now re-used if they are inactive and the same person tries to chat with you again, or tries to re-send the same file.
  • Added back notify options to show address and time.
  • Extended Hash commands to allow storage of binary variables:

    /hadd -smbc [data | &binvar]

    The -b switch indicates that you\'re adding a &binvar item to the hash table, the -c switch chops the &binvar up to the first null and treats it as plain text.

    $hget(name/N,item, [&binvar])

    Assigns the result of a $hget() lookup to a &binvar.

    All other Hash commands handle binary variables as well, eg. /hload, /hsave, etc.

  • Fixed alias/script recursion gpf bug.
  • Added multibyte characters option to options/messages dialog.
  • Can now use /did -z name id [min max] to reset a scrollbar range in a custom dialog.
  • Added -i indent switch to /aline, /iline, and /loadbuf.
  • Fixed minimized icon and editbox bugs in 16bit mIRC.
  • Fixed /whois on query option not working in single message window.
  • Token identifiers can now be made case-sensitive by adding cs to the identifier name, eg. $addtokcs().
  • /filter -g switch now treats wildcard text as a regex expression.
  • Added /aline and /iline -n switch, doesn\'t add line if it already exists in window.
  • Added two new variable types to $com(), dispatch and unknown.

    These allow you to pass dispatch/unknown pointers as parameters in a $com() call, or to retrieve dispatch/unknown pointers from a $com() call, by reference.

    To pass a dispatch/unknown pointer as a parameter in $com(), specify the variable type as dispatch/unknown, and specify the name of an existing $com() connection as the value.

    To retrieve a dispatch/unknown pointer through a call to $com(), specify the variable type as dispatch/unknown with *, and assign it a variable name. When $com() returns, mIRC will create a new $com() item with that variable name and assign it the dispatch or unknown pointer.

    In the case of retrieving an unknown pointer, mIRC will extend it to a dispatch pointer if it can, allowing you to call it directly via $com().

    You can use $com().dispatch or $com().unknown to see if a pointer exists for that $com() item.

  • mIRC now treats mode format +k * as a hidden key on all servers, for servers that hide the key from non-ops.
  • Fixed /dcc send -l max cps bug.
  • Added mp3 playing to confirm section in IRC options dialog.
  • Added on *:unload:/command event, triggers only in the script that is being unloaded. Also triggers if unloading via the Unload menu in the Editor dialog.

    You can use /unload -n to unload a script without triggering the on unload event.

  • Added history listbox to Control+F find dialog.
  • Added /timer -pr switches, pause and resume a timer.
  • mIRC now waits 30 seconds before a re-connect attempt if the server says that you were throttled for connecting too fast. mIRC looks for the word hrottled in the ERROR Closing Link server message.
  • Fixed /ignore -uN not resetting nick color list colors when ignore removed after N seconds.
  • Fixed ignore button in dcc send/chat dialogs not working.
  • Fixed Flood protection ignore feature not working for dccs.
  • Pressing the enter key in the Channels folder now joins a channel when you have an item selected in the listbox.
  • Fixed $abook() gpf bug.
  • Undo no longer works in a disabled editbox in a custom dialog.
  • Fixed drop event not working properly in custom dialogs.
  • Binary variables can now be 8192 bytes in length.
  • Added /filter -a switch, allows you to specify a sort alias which is called to sort the filtered lines.
  • Added /cline -m switch, makes mIRC color a nick in channel messages with the /cline color.

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