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mIRC 5.9


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mIRC 5.9  Change Log

mIRC v5.9
  • Fixed wheel mouse bug when meeces were set to scroll by page instead of by line.
  • Fixed line marker not being reset in some situations when mIRC isn\'t the active window.
  • Fixed line marker text indent bug in following line.
  • Log view dialog can now display large numbers of log files far more quickly.
  • The mIRC tray icon now displays the letter A for Active to indicate the active mIRC window, if you are running more than one mIRC at a time.
  • Fixed DCC Send/Get cps calculation display.
  • Fixed function key focus bug while in channel windows.
  • Added /echo -m switch, indicates that the line should be processed as a user message instead of an event.
  • Fixed line marker being lost if lines in a window exceeded max line buffer size.
  • Agent support no longer strips out high-ascii characters used in non-english languages.
  • Fixed tray icon refresh bug.
  • Fixed custom dialog display bug, controls weren\'t being re- displayed properly in some situations.
  • Added Hide channel key option to IRC dialog.
  • Fixed /play -e not working with custom windows.
  • $duration(seconds,N) now accepts its own output and changes it back into seconds, and if N == 2 returns format without seconds.
  • Fixed line marker bug, was being set inbetween lines in some situations.
  • Log view dialog now maintains cursor position in listbox after you delete or merge files.
  • Added on 1:APPACTIVE:echo $appactive event, triggers when the mIRC active application state changes. $appactive is $true if any mIRC window is active.

    Also added on 1:ACTIVE:@#?=!*:echo $active $lactive event, triggers when a window in mIRC is activated. $lactive returns the previously active window. If the previous window is no longer open, $lactive returns $null.

  • Added on 1:AGENT:echo $agentname finished speaking! event.
  • Added new DDE Topic, EVALUATE, makes mIRC evaluate identifiers or variables in a line of text.
  • Added \'auto-minimize on join\' option to channels folder edit dialog.
  • Control section in Options dialog has been moved to the Address Book dialog, and has been improved.
  • Added /ignore -d switch, ignores DCCs such as Sends/Chat/etc., /ignore -t ctcp no longer ignores DCCs.
  • Added auto-voice list to Control dialog.

    Changed /auto command to /aop, isauto to isaop, $auto to $aop, the old formats are still supported for now.

    Added /avoice command, isavoice if comparison, and $avoice.

    Added identifiers $aop(address/N), $avoice(address/N), and $protect(address/N), all with .type property.

  • Channels which are auto-joined on an invite are now minimized on join.
  • Added Options section to IRC dialog with default flash settings for channel/query windows, and mIRC exit confirmation options.
  • Extended /flash to /flash [-wbrN] [window] which allows you to flash the desktop icon of any open mIRC window including custom windows.
  • Can now specify a titlebar icon for a custom dialog using icon filename, index
  • Scrollbars can now handle up to 64000 lines in a window.
  • Fixed $timer().secs bug.
  • Changed max cps method in fileserver, now represents total max cps for all dcc sends combined. This also limits dcc sends initiated with /dcc send -l. If you use /dcc send -l0 this prevents a script-initiated dcc send from being limited.
  • /ignore /aop /avoice /protect now allow you to properly remove #channels one by one with -r.
  • Added agent dialog speech option to avoid repeating channel name in channel messages/actions.
  • Can now use SendMessage() to communicate with 32bit mIRC:
      SendMessage(mHwnd, WM_MCOMMAND, cMethod, 0L)

      mHwnd mIRC window, or Channel/Query/etc. window
      cMethod 1 - As if typed in editbox
      2 - As if typed in editbox, send as plain text
      4 - Use flood protection if turned on Can be or\'d with 1 or 2
      Returns 0 if fails, 1 if successful

      SendMessage(mHwnd, WM_MEVALUATE, 0, 0L)

      mHwnd mIRC window, or Channel/Query/etc. window
      Returns 0 if fails, 1 if successful

      The application that sends these messages should create a mapped file named mIRC with CreateFileMapping(). When mIRC receives the above messages, it will open this file and use the data it contains to perform the command or evaluation.

      In the case of an evaluation, mIRC will output the results to the mapped file.

      The mapped file must be at least 1024 bytes in length.

  • Added Position Default Save/Forget menu items to system menu for Channel and Query/Chat windows.
  • Auto-tile/cascade no longer trigger if a window is opened in a minimized state.
  • mIRC now supports the numeric 005 tokens: CHANTYPES=# and PREFIX=(ohv)@%+ and can handle a dynamic set of channel and nick prefixes.
      mIRC assumes that @ is supported on all networks, any mode left of @ is assumed to have at least equal power to @, and any mode right of @ has less power.

      mIRC has internal support for @%+ modes.

      $nick() can now handle all mode letters listed in PREFIX.

      Also added support for CHANMODES=A,B,C,D token (not currently supported by any servers), which lists all modes supported by a channel, where:

        A = modes that take a parameter, and add or remove nicks or addresses to a list, such as +bIe for the ban, invite, and exception lists.

        B = modes that change channel settings, but which take a parameter when they are set and unset, such as +k key, and -k key.

        C = modes that change channel settings, but which take a parameter only when they are set, such as +l N, and -l.

        D = modes that change channel settings, such as +imnpst and take no parameters.
      All unknown/unlisted modes are treated as type D.

      When not connected to a server, mIRC uses default values of CHANTYPES=#& PREFIX=(ohv)@%+ CHANMODES=bIe,k,l

      Also added identifiers $chantypes $prefix $chanmodes.

        1. mIRC doesn\'t support @ or $ as a channel prefix, or $ as a nickname prefix, these are used internally by mIRC.

        2. Ircd coders should be aware that prefixes can change the way an IRC client behaves.

        eg. If a server uses the same prefixes for channels and nicknames, this could cause certain features in mIRC to behave oddly, eg. scripts, hotlinks, tab completion, etc. which, depending on the prefix, provide a different behaviour or interface in non-context situations.
  • Added support for the numeric 005 token: MODES=N where N is the number of items allowed per /mode change. Added $modespl identifier.
  • Fixed server port not being randomly selected on each new connection.
  • Fixed treelist in options dialog not scrolling to selected item in some situations when options dialog is opened.
  • Fixed local info server lookup bug, was failing if the irc server returned an ip address in a /userhost reply.
  • Added $var(%var,N) returns Nth matching variable name. You can use a wildcard for the variable name. If N is zero, returns total number of matching variable names. This searches both local and global variables. $var().value returns the value of the variable, $var().local returns $true/$false.
  • Added $rgb() 3dlight value.
  • Added support for numeric 005 WALLCHOPS token, mIRC will use /NOTICE @ : if this token is set, instead of using multiple targets.
  • DCC Get no longer offers resume option if incoming filesize is smaller than existing file.
  • $window().state and .icon return values for -2 now.
  • Fixed handling of /msg +#channel messages.
  • Changed behaviour of Notify dialog, no longer changes Add button to Update. When you edit an item it is automatically updated.
  • Fixed bug in DNS routine, might have caused a gpf in some cases where the address didn\'t resolve.
  • Added \'Show All\' menu item to notify window popup menu.
  • Added \'Grayed text\' item to Colours dialog, used to gray nicks in notify list.
  • The protect list in control dialog can now protect a full nick!user@host address by using the IAL. The address can use wildcards.
  • Added \'Position\' menu to System menu of all windows.
  • Can now set a @window icon with /window @ iconfile [N].
  • Script editor editbox can now handle 64k of text in 32bit mIRC.
  • Added $uptime(mirc | server | system, N) returns uptime in milli-seconds for specified item. N is optional, if N = 1 it returns the same format as $duration(), if N = 2 returns same format but without seconds, and N = 3 returns seconds instead of milli-seconds.
  • Added $regex([name], text, re) to parse regular expressions. Returns N number of strings matched.

    The list of strings for a match are referenced through $regbr([name], N), N = 0 returns total number of strings.

    $regbr([name], N).pos returns a strings position in text.

    $regbr() remembers the results for up to 10 names. Each time you do a match with $regex(), and you specify a name, that name\'s previous results are overwritten with the new results.

    $regsub([name], text, re, subtext, %var) same as $regex() but performs a substitution, returns N number of substitutions performed, and assigns result to variable %var.

    If you don\'t specify a name, all identifiers use a default name which is overwritten with each call.

    Note: mIRC uses the PCRE library (

  • Fixed bug in $ctime() wasn\'t handling certain date formats.
  • Added support for ! not prefix in if statements for use with $identifiers and %variables, eg. if (!%moo) echo no cows
  • Added nick colors section to address book, allows you to assign colors to a nick/address which is used to color the nick in messages and in the channel nick list.

    The /cnick command allows you to add or remove items from the colour list:
      /cnick -raniovp [nick[!user@host]] [color] [modes] [levels]

    You can use /cnick -r nick/N to remove first item that matches nick in the nick color list or the Nth item in the nick color list.

    To add or refer to an item as Any nick you can use the * char as the nick, * char as the mode for any mode.

    Also added $cnick(N/nick, [M]), if N returns Nth item in list, with properties: color, modes, levels, anymode, nomode

    If you specify a nick, returns Nth position of item in list that matches nick. If nick doesn\'t match any items, returns zero.

    To get a nick\'s color, you can use $cnick(nick/N).color. If nick doesn\'t match any items in the list, returns \'Normal Text\' color, or if M = 1, returns \'Listbox text colour.

    You can specify %vars or $identifiers as the nick.

    Note: /cline over-rides color settings in the nick color list. You can use /cline -r to reset a nick to default color to make the nick color list apply to a nick.

  • Fixed bug in Tray popup menu handling.
  • Fixed DCC Send cps limit not working in DCC Server Fileserver.
  • Added /window -C switch, centers @window on creation.
  • Replaced old $dde $read and $readini identifiers with:
      $dde(topic, name, item, [N])
      $read(filename, [ntsw], [matchtext], [N])
      $readini(filename, [n], section, item)

    The old identifiers are still supported for now but no longer documented.

  • Added built-in ctcp flood protection for ctcp version, ping, finger, and time:
      5 second ignore all users for that type of ctcp 10 second ignore that user for that type of ctcp
  • Added transparency support for desktop windows under win2k, options/display dialog.
  • Can now use $line() $fline() (with T = 1) and $sline() to read the channel nicklist.
  • Added /run -p switch, sets working path to path of the application being run.
  • Added support for http proxy \'basic\' authorization which uses base64 userid/password encoding.
  • $os should now recognize XP.
  • Popup menus should now set $1 to nick for query/chat windows.
  • Fixed !nick sound requests getting through /ignore -p.
  • Fixed text wrapping bug in highlight feature when using custom identifiers as highlight items.
  • Tab key completion now works on items separated by commas.
  • /hadd -s and /hdel -s now show item name. Also added /hadd -m switch, which creates the hash table if it doesn\'t exist.
  • IAL is now permanently switched on.
  • Moved Highlight nicks in messages option to new nick color list dialog.
  • Added Keep channels open option to IRC/Options dialog, keeps channel windows open after you\'re kicked. $chan().status now returns kicked in this situation.
  • Added $hregex(name/N, retext, N), searches table for the Nth item which matches regular expression. Returns item name. You can use .data property if you want to match on the data of an item.
  • Can now /halt numeric 433 on connect to prevent mIRC entering /nick in editbox if nick and altnick are in use.
  • Redesigned dcc send/get windows interface, added \'open\' and \'open folder\' buttons to dcc get dialog, and \'resend\' button to dcc send dialog.

    Added $send() and $get .done property, returns $true if the transfer was successful, $false otherwise.

  • Added scrollbar control support to custom dialogs:
      scroll ext, id, x y w h, style (top left bottom right horizontal range N)

      on 1:dialog:name:scroll:id:etc.

      The /did -c switch can be used to set the scroll position, you can use $did().sel to find current position.

  • Added /ialmark [text] command, marks IAL entry for nick with the specified text. You can use $ial().mark to retrieve the mark.

    Changed /clearial to /ialclear, the old command is still supported but no longer documented.

    Can now use /ialclear [nick] to clear the entry for a specific nickname. /ialclear without a nickname clears the whole IAL.

  • Fixed $iif() gpf bug.
  • Added /savebuf -o [dialog id] which saves text in a custom dialog control to a file.
  • Fixed /hload -b bug when loading items with empty data.
  • Added switchbar multi-line and width option to display dialog.
  • Fixed right-click popup menu bug during mark/copy text.
  • Fixed dialog -s dbu resizing bug.
  • Fixed /window -b not working correctly with tabstops in custom window listboxes.
  • Fixed hotlink right-click popup menu not working on nicknames in some situations.
  • Can now check/gray menu items in popup menus by using $style(N) as the first word in the menu definition, where N can be 1 for checked, 2 for grayed, or 3 for both.

    $iif($server == $null,$style(3)) Server:

  • Added $input(prompt,N,title,text) identifier, prompts the user for input.

    prompt is the prompt text message.

    N can be a combination of values added together:
      1 - show input editbox
      2 - show input password editbox
      4 - ok button
      8 - yesno buttons
      16 - yesnocancel buttons
      32 - return $ok, $yes, $no, $cancel for buttons.

      By default, buttons return $true or $null, same as $?, If there is an input editbox, the ok/yes buttons always return the contents of the editbox.

      64, 128, 256, and 512 show the info, question, warning, and hand icons respectively.

    title is the titlebar text.

    text is the default text placed in the input editbox.

    N and text are optional parameters.

    Note: $input() replaces $?. $? is still supported but no longer documented.

  • Fixed fileserver file-sorting bug.
  • Added $eval(text,N) identifier, repeatedly evaluates text N times. If N isn\'t specified, the default is N = 1. If N is zero, text is not evaluated.
  • Added /drawreplace -nr @ [x y w h], replaces color1 with color2 in the specified picture window.
  • Added /splay -cwmp switch, clears splay queue without stopping currently playing sound.
  • Can now use /channel [#channel] to open channel central for a specific channel, if the channel window is currently open.
  • mIRC now allows you to call COM objects via scripts. You must have experience with COM objects in order to use this feature.

    /comopen name progid

    This opens a COM connection to object progid eg. Excel.Application, and assigns the connection a name.

    /comclose name

    This closes the specified COM connection.

    /comreg -u filename

    This registers/unregisters a COM DLL with windows.


    This should be checked after a call to any COM command or identifier. Returns 1 if there was an error, 0 otherwise.


    This calls a member of an open COM connection with the specified method and parameters.

      name - connection name.

      member - member name.

      method - Combination of the following values added together:

      type - the variable type, can be: i1, i2, i4, ui1, ui2, ui4, int, uint, r4, r8, cy, date, decimal, bool, bstr, variant, error.

      VB equivalents are: boolean, byte, currency, date, double, integer, long, single, string, variant.

      To make a variable by reference, use * in the type name, eg. i1*

      To assign a name to a variable for later reference after a call, append it to the type, eg. i1* varname

      When using a variant you must also specify the variable type after it, eg. variant bool.

      value - the value assigned to the variable type.

      Returns: 1 = ok, 0 = fail.

    After you\'ve opened a COM connection or made a call to $com() you can use the following forms of $com():

      Returns: name if connection is open, or name of Nth connection. N = 0 returns number of open connections.

      Properties: progid, result, error, errortext, argerr

      progid - object name.

      result - the value returned by the COM object member after the call.

      error - error value, if there was an error.

      errortext - error description associated with error.

      argerr - Nth argument that caused the error, if the error was due to an invalid variable type.


    Returns: value of the specified variable name

  • The on EXIT event now triggers after the on DISCONNECT event if you exit mIRC while connected.
  • Fixed windows not being positioned correctly when mIRC starts up minimized.
  • Fixed /did -i bug.
  • Fixed $$ prefix not working for custom identifiers.
  • Identifiers now evaluate their contents without needing [] brackets around each item in a parameter.
  • Can now detect mouse events in a custom dialog using on dialog event with an id of zero, and events mouse, sclick, uclick, dclick, drop, eg.

    on 1:dialog:*:mouse:0: echo 5 $dname $devent $did $mouse.x $mouse.y $

  • Added $fullname and $emailaddr identifiers, to go with the /fullname and /emailaddr commands. The previous identifiers and commands for these are still supported.
  • Changed the way /run works, should now work the same way as the Run dialog via the windows Start menu.
  • /window now handles quotes around the font name, and accepts @ or \ as an empty popup name.
  • Fixed link control in custom dialogs not being sized properly when using DBUs.
  • Tab nick completion now accepts *? wildcards.
  • The \'Beep on:\' sounds in the Sounds dialog are now disabled if the Enable Sounds switch is unchecked.
  • Changed ishelp to ishop, and helper to halfop in help file.
  • Can now use /window -ngN switch when a @window is created in a minimized state.
  • Right-click popup menu in Message Window will now work even if no nick is active.

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